10 Bad Habits Side Hustlers Need to Quit

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Starting a side hustle is not as easy as they claim it to be. 

No, a computer and an internet connection are not all you need. 

There is a lot more that goes behind starting something on the side that is bound to grow. Oftentimes, it is the bad habits side hustlers need to quit to avoid the delay in the success of a side hustle for them. 

Here are the 10 most common bad habits side hustlers need to quit if they wish to start a side hustle or business that will offer them success without taking a toll on their health.

Not Using the Mornings

Side hustlers often consider working on their side hustle after their studies or working hours, mostly at night. 

This affects not only the quality of their work but even their health. 

Morning time is considered better for work and if you consider trying to work in the morning, you can experience a significant improvement in the quality of your work, life, health, and the amount of work done as well.

Even if you are working for the same number of hours, the quantity and quality of your work will be so different at night and in the morning. 

This is because you wake up after a sound sleep, your body is energized and so is your brain. You are ready to start your day with a new mind and intentions, you are not working continuously which can burn you out, and the time is calming and peaceful.

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Prioritizing Work Over Health

While building a side hustle, prioritizing work over health is very easy. People might end up doing it unintentionally but this is something that happens a lot and should be avoided. 

Prioritizing anything over health is bad, and it is unfortunate that it becomes a habit for innumerable people. 

It is not just about working when you are sick or not eating on time. Working continuously even when you know it’s time to sleep, when you are burning out, when you have personal thoughts and problems to deal with, and when your mental health is getting affected — all come under prioritizing work over health.

You should not use work as an escape from your life, emotions, and problems. 

You cannot depend on coffee and continue working. It may work for you in the short run but it can have a long-lasting negative effects that you’ll forever regret. 

Remember: A healthy person wants a 100 things. But a sick person wants just one thing. 


Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming!

There is no way any side hustler would say they don’t procrastinate. Come on! I am certain it would have taken you at least 10 days to finally start this side hustle even after planning everything. Why? Because you were too lazy to execute your plans.

Answer this, how many days did it take to finally make your portfolio, which is a simple 2 day job?

A lot of side hustlers are not able to meet deadlines, start working, and get more clients on board, only because they keep procrastinating. 

Procrastination is one bad habit that everyone can relate to. 

Be it working, studying, cleaning, eating, sleeping, going out, or buying something, people procrastinate everything. But for side hustlers, given the restricted time because of their primary job or studies, procrastination is comparatively more problematic.

Being Unproductive on Weekends

Before you label us as toxic productivity people for this, hear us out.

Yes, weekends are meant to sleep, eat, watch Netflix, and repeat. 

For a side hustler however, these two days are probably the only time when they can solely concentrate on their side hustle completely distraction free!

No, we’re not saying that you need to work all day on weekends. But you must manage and schedule your weekends smartly. 

You should be using your weekends in such a way that you get enough sleep, time to go out and have fun, and yet have enough time in hand to produce more of your best quality work for your side hustle.

See, it’s simple. If you are working on weekends but are still not able to produce work at least twice more than on weekdays, you are being unproductive. This is again, one of the very common bad habits side hustlers need to quit. 

Focusing on Things That Matter the Least

Are you spending weeks experimenting with the font on your portfolio instead of sending out that cold email?

Or are spending hours consuming reels in the name of research instead of networking with the right people?

AND are you using most of the time to produce a LOT of average quality content over investing time in learning and enhancing the skillset?

These are ALL examples of focusing on things that matter the least.

It is, in fact, one of the significant reasons why side hustlers end up procrastinating the whole time.

No matter what level of side hustle you are at, focusing on things that are absolute priority is non negotiable. And the best way of achieving that is by learning how to prioritize work and tasks.

Trying to Achieve Perfection

We all are in the same boat with this one. 

It’s not like you are the only person who is dealing with this issue even though you may think you are. Especially with the growing competition in the market and people producing immensely high-quality content, it is even easier to fall for “perfection”.

Nothing is perfect. The sooner you realise this, the easier it will be for you to find peace.

The only way you can achieve perfection is by producing the best quality content and continuing to learn and improve as you go. 

This is what perfection is. Because with time, what’s perfect today will get even better, there is no equilibrium here, no perfectionism. Consider improvement as perfection and that will help you grow your side hustle.

Taking More Work Than They Can Handle

You need to understand that you are working or studying full time, have a life, and then you are building this side hustle on TOP of that. 

The time you have in hand for your side hustle is limited and you need to take into consideration possible events that can take time away from this limited time as well.

In this extremely limited time, completing tasks before the deadline can be a little difficult. And if you consider taking more work just because you don’t feel like saying no to the opportunity, you will end up exhausting yourself and burning out. 

Let go of the FOMO. For real.

Do less but make sure that you put your 100% into that so that even if you are saying no to opportunities, people consider pre-booking you because they can see how good you are at what you do.

Charging Less Than They Deserve

Just because you are starting out, working with Indian clients, dedicating less time, or other freelancers are readily agreeing to lower pay– does not mean you have to charge anything less than you think you deserve.

Many side hustlers know they are being paid less than the market price but still agree to work with the clients because they don’t consider themselves confident, talented, or experienced.

There is no justification good enough for someone to get paid less for the effort and time they invest in a task. Understand this, and ask for the money you deserve.

Failing at Time Management

This is about work-life balance. Or, for a side hustler, should I say work-life-side hustle balance? 

Your life is as important as your work and when I say life I include everything- from sleeping and eating on time to going out with friends, enjoying some free time, relaxing, watching Netflix, partying, spending time with family, and simply doing nothing.

After working full time from the office and then coming back home to start working on your side hustle, it is easy to neglect your mental health. 

Time management is something that can help you in not only working more in less time but even using your day in the best way possible so that you can make the best out of the day without feeling exhausted in the end.

It is a skill that can even help you grow your side hustle into a full-time business. The importance of time management should not be underestimated.

Consider taking free online courses on time management if you want, but as a side hustler, consider investing your time in learning the art of time management. This is going to help you immensely in your lifetime.

Parting Words

So, these are the bad habits side hustlers need to quit to make sure they are successful in turning their passion into a business. 

Most of the side hustlers fail at continuing with their side hustles because they are not sure how to manage them on the side. They don’t have basic knowledge of where to begin and what to do next. 

If you are still figuring out how to start and grow a side hustle, you should consider taking help from someone who has been in your shoes and has achieved success.

Like our course at Hustlepost Academy can give you the blueprint and the step-by-step guide to starting and running a side hustle that will grow in no time. 

All you need to do is watch our power-packed modules, follow the instructions, and ask Saloni (our founder) questions if you feel stuck somewhere. She, along with the whole Hustlepost family will be there to hold your hand, walk alongside you, and lead you toward success.

Your passion can be your


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