Should You Become a Social Media Manager? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

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We all use social media so much that getting an opportunity to simply post and follow the trends sounds like a dream career. But, social media management is much more than just that. Do you think you would want to become a social media manager but aren’t sure if that is the right career option for you? Take this quiz and find out.

Quiz: Should I Become a Social Media Manager?

For a business or service-based account, post captions are the backbone of their social media strategy. The purpose behind them is to market the product or service they offer and build loyal communities.

Q: Do you think you have the copywriting skills required to write a caption that can convert traffic into leads for the business?

  • Yes
  • No



A lot of people believe that Instagram is the only platform where one can make the most benefits, especially if they are running a business account.

Q: Do you also believe that is the case? If not, do you think you can manage multiple social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn?

  • Every social media platform is important and I can manage all of them.
  • Instagram works the best, I would ask my client to stick to that.



One of the main responsibilities in social media management is creating and posting content on every social media platform.

Q: How do you see yourself posting content? Do you think it is okay to post the same content on all the platforms?

  • Every platform requires a different type of content because the audience is different on different platforms. It is better to create and edit content according to the platform.
  • It is okay to post the same content on all platforms. Everyone does it that way.



Every other day there is a new trend that takes over the internet. If your client asks you if they should participate in the trends as well what will your answer be? Will you ask them to follow the trend as it is just so that they can get some engagement? Or will you analyse if the said trend aligns with the business and come up with something better if it doesn’t?

Q: Do you have a creative side required to add your own element to an already existing trend? Or do you believe it is better to follow the trends?

  • I believe it is better to add your own element so that the trend aligns with the business. Yes, I have the creative mind required to come up with ideas.
  • If something is trending, there is a reason behind it, it is better to follow the trend as it is.



Social media algorithm keeps changing and in order to grow, you need to stay updated most of the time.

Q: Can you see yourself learning and augmenting your skills and knowledge even when you are doing and earning well?

  • Yes, I anyways love staying updated with trends and algorithms.
  • Learning is such a task, as a social media manager, I believe my job is to post and engage only. I’ll stick to that.



The responsibilities of a social media manager are usually not restricted to just posting content. You may be asked to create posts as well.

Q: Do you think you have graphic designing skills? Will you be able to create posts without getting out of ideas?

  • Yes, I don’t mind handling more work. I anyways love creating posts.
  • I can’t create posts as I don’t have any experience. But I can learn.



A social media manager is also responsible for building relationships with customers.

Q: Do you see yourself communicating and engaging with people who have queries, reviews, and complaints without losing your temper?

  • Yes, I am more than happy to reply and engage with people.
  • I don’t know how to communicate with somebody else’s clients. Moreover, I can’t stand hate comments.



If you are interested in working as a social media manager, you would know that there’s a lot that goes behind posting content. From picking up a posting time when the engagement rate is high to researching keywords, and hashtags, and keeping an eye on the analytics, you need to know much more than just management.

Q: Do you think you can handle and learn basic social media marketing?

  • Yes, I understand that is a part of my job as a social media manager.
  • No, I believe that is a responsibility of a social media marketer. I, as a social media manager, have nothing to do with it.



One doesn’t get to take an off from a client’s social media even on weekends. Even when you are on leave, you may be expected to work.

 Q: Will you be fully committed to your responsibilities as a social media manager?

  • When I am on a leave, I don’t think I’ll be able to take out time to post for my client. But what I can do is schedule posts for the days I’ll be unavailable.
  • I understand that even when I am on a leave I may be expected to make a few posts and I am fine with that.



It is extremely difficult to make a business account intriguing and engaging. You may get followers but you need to give your audience something so that they engage and consider taking action that is in favour of the business.

Q: Will you be able to come up with ideas and social media strategies that would help the business get engagement and high ROI?

  • I am open to researching and learning. I believe I can learn and implement strategies that would help my client grow.
  • Sounds a lot, but I guess it won’t be as scary as it seems now. I can give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll switch fields.

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If your answer to most of the mentioned questions is “a”, you should seriously consider making a career as a social media manager. If in case your answer to most of the questions is “b” but you wish to try working as a social media manager, you should consider taking an online course that will prepare you for the role and responsibilities of a social media manager. Hustlepost Academy offers a course on social media management that is perfect for a newbie in the social media management field. You will get to learn everything that is a prerequisite for a social media manager.

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