Passion Economy, The Future of Work: Part Time Jobs From Home

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By now, I’m certain that you have read countless articles and blogs that attempt to tell you how the face of the global work culture is changing due to the terrible onslaught of the pandemic. And the potential of part time jobs from home that are sustainable 

I can also bet that you must be feeling bored beyond control at this point, listening to people repeat the same old points by sugarcoating their words, and providing you with no real sense of value in exchange for your time.

And I understand because I’ve been there, on the same side as you, looking for a clear perspective on what decisions I must be taking in order to navigate my career trajectory in the right direction, in the best possible ways of doing online jobs in India.

So please allow me to jump straight to the point before you close down this web page out of annoyance: what do I even mean when I say ‘passion economy?’

Did I just randomly coin this term to seem cool to strangers reading my blog?

Of course not!

Passion Economy: What, Why & How


Essentially, a Passion Economy is a system of self-employment wherein people have the full independence of monetizing the skills that they feel… well, passionate about, thus re-inventing the traditional 9 to 5 work culture that can be quite soul-sucking.

This allows people to engage in part time work from home, along with their main job, while giving them the option to grow it into a small investment business.

Though the passion economy has been in the making for almost a decade now, it’s only been a couple of years since it’s begun gathering wider acceptance. With the crazy influx of content creators and people who wish to make videos for a living, the world economy has seen a massive paradigm shift.

Where it isn’t necessary to have to report to an office cubicle everyday in order to have a consistent income that will sustain your life.

Low cost business ideas with high profit and online jobs in India have been seeing a vast growth, and this article will help you understand it better.

Today, it is possible to build remarkable careers with just a laptop and an internet connection, by providing services that pertain to your passions, and thus have a life that you truly enjoy waking up to everyday. Doing part time jobs from home is no longer a far-fetched dream, all thanks to the thriving side hustle culture of the passion economy.

Consider Patreon for instance, a platform that helps creators  provide exclusive content to fans on a subscription basis, which scaled its creator payout to over $500m in 2019, compared to $300m in 2018 and $150m in 2017.

Now you may wonder: will this newfound ‘Passion Economy’ and the trend of online jobs in India completely take over traditional careers, and the answer to that is also a resounding NO.

Why? Because the world will always have governments, administrations and institutions to run. But does this mean that more and more people, through the years to come, will be willing to take the plunge and participate in the passion economy? Hell yes!

The demand for online jobs in India is ever increasing, and because of the passion economy, it is here to stay.


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But Is It Truly The Future?

Ask yourself a simple question: if you had the choice to pursue a career in a field that makes you the most excited in the world; if you could live your life on your own terms and become your own boss, would you deny yourself this luxury?

Now imagine hundreds of thousands of people around the world like you wondering about this question, and arriving at the same enthusiastic YES!


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A report estimates that currently, our country is home to approximately 600 million internet users, which is estimated to cross 1 billion users by 2025. This implies larger number of people showing interest in work from home in india

So imagine more and more people discovering the joys of the passion economy where they can work for themselves, and materializing business ideas that have been marinating in their brains for years.

Wouldn’t that imply an increasing number of people quitting their traditional careers, and participating in this 21st Century kind of independence?

Which only goes to prove further that yes, passion economy is indeed the future of work culture. Especially keeping in mind the craze for online jobs in India. Home based jobs for women have also seen a steady rise in terms of both demand and supply.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic caused a short-term slowdown in revenue growth of the Passion Economy, it bounced back even stronger with 28 per cent growth from May to June 2020, thanks to the online jobs in India.


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Similarly, a study conducted by digital payment company Paypal back in 2018 claims that people with side hustles in India earn 19 lakh per year on an average.

Where 23% of side-hustle owners earn upto INR 60 lakh annually, 13 % earn 10-15 lakhs per annum, 8% earn 7.5-10 lakhs/annum, while the rest 23% generate an annual revenue of INR 5 lakh.

And the biggest glimpses of such a drastic change can be felt in the biggest corporate houses worldwide, which are now willingly hiring people with small investment businesses for remote projects, encouraging work from home in India.

People who’ve successfully upskilled themselves, monetized their passions, and established their authority in their choiced area of expertise, especially providers of home based jobs for women.


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Moreover, the influencer marketing economy in India has just started gathering momentum, roughly estimated around $ 75-150 million a year. And the number is only going to grow from here on, leading to more generation of online jobs in india.

So if you have had a dream venture that you’ve been procrastinating on realizing for a long time, there hasn’t been a better time to let go of your inhibitions and give the gratifying Passion Economy its due chance.

Going forward, this is meant to boom beyond measure. Currently, there are 15 million online business owners who work from home in India. Again as per some reports, the revenue generated by this ever-increasing number will grow to a whopping $20-30 billion by 2025.

And on top of that, over 60% of side hustle owners in India are under the age of 30 years. So if you start now, you will be able to benefit from it the most.


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But if you feel like you need someone to help you with your online entrepreneurial journey through low cost business ideas with high profit, don’t worry!

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