Why the Concept of Multi-Tasking is Severely Wrong & Single-Tasking is the Best Way Around.

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Drop everything you’re doing & read this! How many tasks did you actually stop doing for this? You see, exactly our point.

Multitasking has been steeped as such a great thing to do in our minds that we’re not even looking at the con side of it.

With our fast-paced lives and long working hours is when life passes us by & therefore multitasking looks like such a lucrative thing. Sure on an extremely busy day, once in a while, multitasking may look like the smart thing to do, but on an everyday basis, it really is not that great a way to go.

Read on to know why we think so.

1. Nothing but a sham

Allow us to start our case with some straight facts. First of all, our brains were never designed as such.

In a world where so much is already going on, why monotasking is better than multitasking, is a little difficult but here is our shot.

Every time when we are multitasking & ticking off tasks; one after the other from that to-do list, our brain unconsciously releases the happy hormone “dopamine” which makes us elated about the whole thing.

You feel like you are being effective & hence your subconscious encourages it even more, without any actual substantial results.

2. Completes tasks faster, efficiently

Studies have shown that even a distraction as quick as 2-3 seconds is likely to double the chances of errors and we needn’t tell you but we practically live in the age of distractions.

Another American survey showed the productivity of individuals reduced up to 40% while switching in between tasks.

In furtherance of the previous point, as we mentioned, our brains are programmed to do one thing at a time & not juggle into a lot.

By monotasking, you’re not just saving your brain from a lot of hassle but also allowing your focus to set deep into one primary task increasing your efficiency & quality of work.

3. Less brain fogging

When we focus our mind on one place, it’s only then that our mind wraps around the task at hand & develops its strategic behavior to finish the task in the best possible way.

When there is more than one thing on your mind you’re practically blocking that power & clogging it unnecessarily.

Having said this, there is absolutely no rush to reprogramme the brain all at once because like all other habits, this one is addictive too. Baby steps are the way to go about it.

Start with combining the tasks of similar nature & multitasking to gradually dividing your time up for individual tasks.

4. Prioritize time & energy

Eventually, when you get hold of monotasking your day’s majority, you’ll see it is easy to prioritize your everyday tasks.

There is less confusion, fewer errors & less hassle. Remember to schedule short breaks as we all have a monkey mind & a tendency to be all over the place.

These breaks let us revive & rejuvenate and even let’s review what we have already done.

Try this for a start, set your top three most important tasks for the day, a night prior.

When you’re clear on those top three priorities of the day, it is very much likely that your day will be sorted and you will have refreshed energy for each task that’s coming up. Notes on your side might also be a big help.

5. It allows us to be

With our current lifestyle & time schedules, the last thing a person would wish for is more hustle.

That is the thing about multitasking! It makes you feel accomplished but in return, it claims for a big deal of your peace of mind. Single-tasking, on the other hand, agrees with the whole idea of focusing on what’s insight at the moment.

It lets you be mindful & improves the quality of your work.

We all have forgotten in a while but there is something about finishing a chore at your own pace.

Being present in the moment is all we need right now.

Listen to your instinct, take up one thing at one time & see the outcome for yourself.

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