How to be Successful in Life– 15 Habits to Adopt Today

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Everyone wants to be successful in life but, surprisingly, only a few people understand the significance of habits in achieving success. Other people expect overnight success without having to work or change anything in their lives.

If you are here, you are already one step closer to becoming a successful person because you are willing to know and adopt habits that can help you be successful in whatever aspect of life you wish to achieve success. Without further ado, let’s see what these habits are.

1. Self-Care Is the First Step Towards Success

The first habit that you need to adopt is taking care of yourself. You are your most valued asset and to be successful in any aspect of your life, you need to be in your best form. Taking care of your health, appreciating and believing in yourself, taking care of your physical and mental needs, pampering yourself in a healthy manner, and adopting habits that will ensure your betterment are some of the ways in which you can take care of yourself.

Make everything that resonates with your idea of self-care a habit.

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2. Consider Failure a Stepping Stone, not a Step-Down

Failure is an inevitable part of success. People often consider failure a step down and give up on their goal as soon as they fail. If you keep changing your goal because you can’t face failure you will soon get out of ideas, this won’t make you successful at something else, not in your very first attempt at least. So, instead of giving up if you see failure as a lesson to avoid previous mistakes, you will eventually learn what not to do in order to be successful in life. Knowing what not to do is as important, if not more, as knowing what to do in your journey towards achieving success.

Make embracing failure, retrying, and not giving up on your dream until you succeed a habit.

3. Write Everything Down

This is one habit that every successful person swears by. Write literally everything down. From your ideas and to-do list to your complicated, stressful, “overthinking” and spiralling thoughts, everything should be penned down as soon as possible.

Writing your thoughts and work down allows you to clear your mind and to be successful in life that is what you need, don’t you think? Writing also ensures that you will not forget anything, everything that crosses your mind is in your notebook now. Starting journaling is a great way of adopting the habit of writing.

Make writing your thoughts and plans for the day every single day a habit. And keep coming back to it to make sure everything that you planned for the day is met.

4. Have a Morning Routine

We have been told the benefits and importance of waking up early in the morning over and over again. It is surprising how we all, who once hated the idea of waking up early, are vouching for its benefits today. But yes guys, simply waking up early and having a morning routine can change your life and improve your chances of being successful in life. However, it is a no-brainer that having a morning routine does not mean waking up early and then spending an hour on your phone scrolling through social media.

Build a morning routine that works for you. Include exercising, meditating, and making and having a healthy breakfast a part of your morning routine.

5. Take a Break

As important as it is to work on your goals to be successful in life, taking a break and allowing yourself to relax is as important as well. There is a thick line between being productive and exhausting yourself, recognise the difference and stay away from the point after which your productivity starts consuming the fun out of your life and goals.

Make taking short and long breaks wherever necessary a habit. This will also improve the quality of your work.

6. Be Nice to Yourself

It is unfortunate that most of us find it difficult to be nice to ourselves. Honestly, it is the way we are brought up that is to be blamed here. In India, it is a culture of expecting so much from an individual and not appreciating them for their efforts at all. From our childhood, we get to experience this. Of course, there are exceptions and some of us would be luckier but we know at least one person who is almost all the time hard on themselves for not being a certain way. If you are that kind of person, this is your sign to stop being hard on yourself for once and focus on everything you have achieved so far. Even from your failures, you have learned something so that is an achievement as well.

Being nice to yourself is one habit that can take you to the heights of success in no time. You don’t realise the power of appreciating yourself now because maybe you haven’t experienced that but start doing that, start loving yourself and you will see how much better you can be.

7. Make Learning a Part of Your Routine

Successful people never give up on learning. Learning does not necessarily have to be related to academics, you can also learn a sport or skill that intrigues you. But make learning a part of your routine, everyday routine. Even if you are investing hardly 30 minutes a day, it is enough.

When you open yourself up to learning, you open yourself for improvement and that is important to achieve success. You learn, improve, grow, and be successful. Make it a habit.

8. Be Patient and Consistence in Everything

It is very rare that one achieves success overnight. For most of us, it is a long, continuous process that demands patience and consistency. You have to put in consistent efforts to see results. One of the major reasons why people fail and are not successful at something they start is because they expect immediate results and give up when they don’t see any.

If you want to be successful at something, you need to be patient and consistently keep working for months or even years to finally see results. You will know that you are on the right track but expectations of immediate success should not hinder the process.

9. Manage Your Time

There are two ways of working and living– you do as and how things come and don’t put much thought into where you are spending most of your time, or you plan your day, prioritise your work and manage your time in a manner that promises less exhaustion and more work done. In the latter case, success will come comparatively more easily and quickly to you than in the former scenario.

There are several ways in which you can manage your time effectively, considering your work, lifestyle, and routine. Find the perfect way for yourself and stick to it.

10. Stay Organised

Your physical environment has an impact on your mental environment. If your place is unorganised, so will your thoughts. It is, thus, your responsibility to make sure everything is organised. Your room, kitchen, surroundings, laptop, work, and mind.

Make making your bed, organising your wardrobe, cleaning your surroundings, organising your desktop, and clearing your mind a habit. Make folders for everything, write everything down, and keep things in their respective place. The more organised you are, the easier it will be for you to work and concentrate.

11. Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

One is your final destination, your main goal. But in order to reach there, you need to set milestones or small goals for yourself that you can achieve in a relatively short time. This is what motivates you to keep moving forward toward your final goal. Make sure you set realistic, achievable goals for yourself.

It makes sense if your main goal is to earn 7 figures every month if you are already earning six figures a month but if you are just starting out and you focus on 7 figures as your only goal, you are more vulnerable to giving up.

Make sure you keep setting realistic goals and milestones. For instance, if you are just starting your side hustle, you can set goals like finding your first client, making 5000 a month, making 10,000 every month, finding 4 more clients, making 50,000 in two months, and then consistently earning six figures every month before finally reaching your main goal.

12. Meditate

Make meditation your habit. Consider it a kind of self-care and a technique of being kind to yourself. Meditation keeps you grounded and allows you to be calm and present in the moment. It is not necessary to sit with your eyes closed to meditate, you can adopt any technique that makes you feel at peace. Even listening to music, sitting in a park, and painting are common forms of meditation. Find your way of meditation and make it a habit. It should be a part of your daily routine.

It is surprising how such basic practices can impact your life and success. Successful people meditate and they owe their success to these small habits they have adopted.

13. Learn the Art of Delegation

Being successful does not mean you have to work all by yourself. This is something that people either don’t realise or find very difficult to accept. People, when they start, consider working all by themselves so that they don’t have to pay anyone anything. But even after they start earning a decent income, they prefer overwhelming themselves with all the work instead of delegating it. One of the reasons behind this is the fear that the other person may be unable to meet the quality. But the fact is that if you are doing all the work by yourself, you may be earning well but you are not growing. In order to grow, you need to delegate your work and focus on bringing more work.

Making delegation a habit, whenever necessary, makes your life easier and success more approachable.

14. Have a Hobby

Even if you have turned your hobby into your full-time business, you need to have another hobby that will help you to shift your focus from work to something else for some time. This may sound a little contradictory to the idea of focusing on one goal but the thing is, your hobby will be your next priority. It will be more like a recreational or leisure activity that will allow you to do something when your primary work will be overwhelming. And it is important to have something else, other than your work.

A hobby can be anything, from cooking, painting, and baking to going out, dancing, or even travelling. Of course, not every hobby can be part of your daily routine but it can still be your habit. Like, cooking one meal every day or every Sunday, and travelling once every month.

15. Keep Personal and Professional Separated

This should be more like a rule than a habit. Always keep your professional and personal lives separate. And there should be a noticeable difference. When you fail to keep these separated, you sabotage your work-life balance, which can affect both of your lives, thus affecting your success. Pick any successful personality you know, you will see how their professional life is completely different from their personal life and they like to keep it that way.

Make it a habit to dedicate equal time to either life and keep them separated.

Parting Words

Being successful in life is a continuous process and so is building and adopting habits that will ensure success. You will always have to be patient and keep working towards your goal even if you don’t see any results in the initial duration.

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