Master Your Mornings: Effective Rituals for a Productive Day

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It is commonly believed that your day depends on how you start your morning. Morning time is probably the only time you can spend with yourself without getting distracted by anything. It’s peaceful, everyone’s still sleeping, there are no texts, emails, or calls that you need to attend to, and no rushing thoughts whatsoever. Some people consider starting their day by following a few morning rituals for productivity. These rituals can ensure mindfulness and productivity all day long.

Here are a few things that you can do, other than wake up early, to have a productive morning and day.

Waking Up Happy Is More Important Than Waking Up Early

We all have been introduced to the benefits of waking up early. This got so out of hand that people started preaching how waking up late can be bad for you. Waking up early is important, but it makes no sense if you are waking up at 5 in the morning when you slept at 2 AM.

Waking up happy is more important than waking up early. So, instead of waking up and feeling tired, bad or clueless, try to wake up with gratification. Have a positive attitude right when you leave your bed and don’t think about going back to bed. Let all the happy thoughts come in.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It is not going to be, that is why we have added this to our list of morning rituals for productivity. Because no matter how hard it gets, you need to follow this otherwise, it is going to affect your whole day.

Set Your Intentions for the Day

When you follow the same routine every single day, you miss out on a lot. More than that, when you don’t have any set intentions for the day, you end up wasting your time being clueless and wondering what to do now or next. This is where you should be feeling the FOMO. Setting a new, better intention for the day every single day can help you have something to look forward to, work on, and learn from. The intentions can be as simple as reading an article on something you like and as complex yet important as learning a new skill or building your freelancing portfolio. Just set a realistic intention for the day and make sure you accomplish it every day.

Have a Separate Morning To-Do List

So, you may have a routine for the day but still feel clueless about what to do in the morning. Having a separate to-do list for the morning can help you start your morning on a productive note which can further make your whole day productive.

Your morning to-do list does not need to have a lot of tasks. Simply making your bed, practising meditation, yoga, or stretches, writing to-do list for the day, making breakfast, reading a few pages of the book, going out for a walk, or learning something new and important will do.

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Pen Down Your Thoughts

Of course journaling in the morning has to be one task that no one should miss. Everyone can have a completely different style of writing but writing your thoughts down in the morning is one task that needs to be done. You can do morning pages, write down a few sentences about things you are grateful for, write about things that are troubling you, the dream you had, or your goal and what you need to do to achieve it.

The idea is to simply start writing. Just hold the pen and start writing whatever that comes to your mind and don’t stop until you feel like.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Well, to have a productive day, you need to fuel your body. One of the most important and easy-to-follow morning rituals is to have breakfast. Make sure you have a healthy, balanced breakfast. Also, before having your coffee, consider having fruit. The breakfast you have should not be extremely heavy that it makes you feel lazy or anything but just big enough to make you feel full and ready for the day.

Parting Words

The time you have in the morning can be used to do a myriad of things that make you feel good and productive. Different things work for different people so don’t step back from doing something that is important to you.

For someone who works full time, morning time can be perfect for starting a side hustle. If you have something you are passionate about and wish to pursue but don’t find enough time, it’s time to start waking up early and taking a few courses available online.

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