Why Should You Use Time Management Tools for Better Time Management?

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It is a common belief that we can manage time without fancy software and time management tools. Literally, every one of us has been there where you currently stand. But we can tell you how significant a difference a time management tool can make in your work, life, and side hustle.

A little disclaimer, this is NOT sponsored and we will not be recommending you a specific tool. This article is to educate you about the benefits of using time management tools.

Benefits of Using Time Management Tools

Writing your tasks is not going to help you manage your time efficiently.

You will probably relate to this:

You make a to-do list and write tasks without mentioning the task’s priority. Then you start doing something completely different from your to-do list. Call it procrastination or believing that you have plenty of time. In the end, what you are doing is the opposite of managing your time.

By the end of the day, you start stressing over the pending work and regret not prioritising the right tasks.


Time management tools help you avoid such situations.

Write and Manage Your Tasks

Almost every time management tool allows you to write and prioritise tasks. That is the first step in managing time. But that is not all. Management tools not only help you in prioritising your tasks but complete them without wasting time.
You can write your tasks along with the deadline. The tool will tell you if you are actively working on the tasks or not. Some tools may even notify you when you are least productive or idle.

Track Your Time

Some tools have features that allow you to track your time. You can analyse how much time you were actually working or sitting idle, and how productive you were throughout your working hours. Spending a certain time on your laptop does not necessarily mean that you were working. You may not realise this without using any tracker or tool.

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Work Stressfree

When you have everything noted down in a tool you worry less about the tasks and the deadlines. After creating boards and sheets with every detail that needs to be taken care of, you are free to focus on one task at a time and make sure every requirement is met. Without managing your time with tools, you may keep going back and forth from one task to another, making sure every requirement is met. And in this havoc, oftentimes, things either get messed up or delayed. Time management tools help you release stress and work better.

Schedule Everything

Some time management tools have this impressive calendar scheduling feature that allows you to schedule tasks whenever they are supposed to be done. You can schedule work for a week or a month and simply start working on them without stressing about what if you forget a task or miss any deadline.

Imagine how messy it can get if you decide to schedule your work for a month without using any time management tool.

Increases Productivity

Time management tools actually help you manage your time and reduce stress. This results in better productivity and speedy completion of tasks. Not just that, you can even see a difference in the quality of your work. Not only are you able to complete tasks on time, but you are also often left with more time which you can use to complete more tasks or add to your time.

These tools help you maintain your work-life balance without compromising the quality of your work.

Parting Words

All this may sound lame and unnecessary but you should seriously consider using time management tools once to know why people advocate for them. Especially if you are building your freelancing career or a side hustle, the importance of using tools over managing everything manually increases.

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