10 Free Online Courses You Need to Pursue In 2023

10 Free Online Courses You Need to Pursue In 2023, best free online courses

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Learning is a continuous process. Be it for your personal or professional life, one must not stop learning. Keeping that in mind, here are a few free online courses that are absolutely essential for each and every one of you no matter what field, industry, gender, demographic, or age group you belong to.

The best part? These courses are ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST. Learning does not mean spending money but investing in yourself to build a better future.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the list of best free online courses in 2023 that can help you in one way or another.

Productivity Hacks and Lessons

We all struggle with productivity, don’t we? What if we tell you that even successful people were once in our shoes? Believe it or not, productivity is a universal challenge and it is a nightmare for everyone. But people overcome it to be successful, and there are lessons and hacks that they can offer for you to do the same as well.

This first course in our list of free online courses suggestion is exactly about that. It is an email course that covers around ten productivity lessons from top leaders and then a quiz at the end. A lot of people have taken this course and loved it. It is efficient, well-structured, and very valuable. 

The Science of Happiness

We all have a very different definition of happiness. For some money is happiness, for others it can be nature or peace that makes them happy. But here’s a fun fact, it’s more like a sad reality, people achieve what they think will give them happiness and still don’t feel happy for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are unknown to them as well but there is this feeling, not sadness, but just something that doesn’t really let them celebrate what they achieved.

Living a happy life is a concept easier said than done and to change that for you, we bring you a course called the Science of Happiness. This free online course offers research-backed tips to lead a happier life.

The Cold Email Masterclass

Drafting cold emails or reaching out to your potential clients is one of the most underrated skills. In fact, it is one of the most underrated concepts of all time. Sending a cold email is important for everyone no matter what they are trying to achieve or generate in the business world. It can help you generate better leads, connect with better prospects, grow your business, and increase your sales.

But writing the perfect cold email that will actually bring success to your business is a superpower not owned by everyone. But hey, you can be an exception. With this cold email masterclass offered by EdX, you can learn the art of outreach and use it in your favour.

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Even if you are not a professional speaker, you should still know how to conquer the fear of public speaking. It can help you in so many ways. 

  • If your profession requires you to deliver presentations,
  • If you are scared to share your opinion in a group of people,
  • If you find it difficult to socialise with new people,
  • If you have trouble making friends at work,

This free online course is for you.

Anyone can have the fear of public speaking, even professional speakers. But it is not something you are supposed to live with your entire life. If you believe you have this fear and would love to learn some techniques that can help you in dealing with the anxiety attached to public speaking, take this “conquer the fear of public speaking” course ASAP and let us know how it works out for you.

How to Make Better Decisions

Do you have amazing decision-making skills? We don’t, and we are sure that there are many people who can relate. Please, some of us are terrible, terrible decision-makers and we certainly need a course like this to hone our decision-making skills. Well, we are glad that we found one free online course and here we are sharing the same with you because we all should be helping each other, don’t you think?

This “how to make better decisions” course is again by highbrow and is delivered in the form of emails. It consists of 10 lessons and a quiz and every lesson is as valuable and intriguing as one can imagine it to be.

Diploma in Social Media Strategy

Social media plays a significant role in digital marketing and its importance cannot be ignored. If you intend to promote your business online or grow your personal brand, knowing your social media strategy can prove to be beneficial.

This diploma in social media strategy is a free online course that Alison is offering. It is extremely detailed and there is no way you can get information even closely similar to this anywhere else for free. Probably one of the reasons why you should take it. From defining social media to launching campaigns that will most definitely work for you, the course will teach you everything, leaving you with knowledge similar to that of an expert.

Read more: Should You Become A Social Media Manager? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Time Management for Productivity

We all, at some level, lack time management skills. One of the factors that affect your everyday productivity is time and the fact that despite having significant time to waste, we have very little time to invest in things that are important and should be our top priority.

Remember those days when you weren’t able to complete a given task but still managed to watch a whole episode of the series you were binge-watching? Or did you have those days when you weren’t able to eat or sleep on time but still spend a good time watching reels? We all have been there, haven’t we?

Time management, we are telling you, is where we are failing the most. This work smarter, not harder course, we believe, will work for a lot of us. The course can help you achieve your goals effectively, introduce you to time management tools and even make you familiar with the art of delegation and saying no.

Get 10x More Done in Less Time

Isn’t this a dream? To get more done in less time and then have a lot of time in hand to do something we love. Well, there is another time management course that can help you get 10x more done in less time.

Not only is this course important for people who find it difficult to complete tasks and projects on time, but it is also important for people who are starting their own businesses or wish to generate more revenue through their existing ones.

We apologise for adding this course to the list because it is not free. But it is one of the courses that we believe is worth the little investment it demands. It is very inexpensive and the amount is probably nothing compared to the value it is providing you with. This course had to be on the list as an exception.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing

For students and professionals alike, writing skills are very important. Again, irrespective of your field, industry, or designation. You don’t necessarily have to be a writer to take this course but if you are a writer, TAKE THIS COURSE ASAP. The “secret sauce of great writing” course, as the name suggests, shares the secret sauce of great writing. And this secret can be used in writing press releases, blogs, guides, articles, emails, newsletters, and whatever that requires you to share your thoughts in writing.

Project Management

Finally, our last course suggestion for you is the project management course offered by ours truly, LinkedIn. Anything we work on is a project and every task requires management. What we are trying to say is, no matter what field you are in, this course is important for you *entering straightface emoji here for aesthetics*.

This is one of the best free online courses in 2023 that cover everything related to project management and will definitely polish your skills and knowledge regarding the same.

Parting Words

That’s it. Our list came to an end but not the best free online courses in 2023. If you are a keen learner you can search on the internet, there are innumerable courses available both paid as well as free that can provide you with the knowledge and resources you need, specifically related to your personality, career, or passion.

Lastly, If you have a passion other than your current job and you wish to make it a successful side hustle that can get you a decent income and can be turned into a business in the future, you can take this start and grow your online business course offered by Hustlepost Academy.

Your passion can be your


Our courses will help you get to your dream income in the next 60 days, by doing what you truly love!

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