Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Youtuber in 2023

how to become a successful YouTuber, Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful YouTuber in 2023

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Isn’t Youtube a one stop platform for all kinds of content and information? Anything you want to learn, understand, watch is available on Youtube.

Huh? not my favourite Netflix series Avneet, how can you say everything is available on Youtube? Okay, my mistake, apologies. “Almost” everything that you want is available on youtube, better now?

Successful Youtuber

Anyway, what was I saying?

Yeah, well I was beating around the bush with this whole youtube thing, but before you get bored and leave, I think I should dive right into it.

Why Are Some Youtubers Successful and How Can You Be Successful Like Them?

I guess we all already know the process of becoming a successful YouTuber In 2023. Record videos, keep posting, and don’t stop. But does everyone who posts on youtube is successful? Nope.

So what are successful youtubers doing differently? They are posting content that the public wants, expects, needs, and likes. They don’t stop there. They then optimise their content. And finally they let people know that they have uploaded a video that they “need” to watch. And finally, they keep doing it over and over again.

That was a gist of what I am going to cover in this blog. But I highly recommend reading the whole article for better understanding.

Tips to Become a Successful Youtuber In 2023

Okay, so this article is written with a viewpoint that you are an aspiring youtuber who is planning to start or has just started on youtube and has no clue how to succeed.

Here are a few tips that can help you in the initial stages of starting as a youtuber and assure that there is a ‘long term’.

1. Be Niche Specific

Do not try to cover everything just because you are starting and exploring a new platform. A lot of people presume that covering a number of topics will attract a bigger audience and they may reach out to a lot of people even as a total newbie. This is a myth, don’t fall for it.

Picking up a niche and posting content as niche specific as it gets will prove to be more beneficial for you, especially when you are just starting out.

If you are not sure about the niche what you can do is research about the most profitable niche for content creators and youtubers and then shortlist 2-3 that you believe you are most passionate about. While doing this, keep in mind that you will be posting hundreds of videos in these niches so they must have enough content to cover.

2. Post Consistently

That brings me to my next point. Post consistently. Don’t just post 10 videos in like 2 weeks and then vanish for months. Stay consistent. And when you post, analyse when your videos get the most views. Which days work best for you and what is the right time for you to post. It will take some time and a few hits and trials to get an answer based on your analysis.

3. Optimise Content for SEO

A lot of new youtubers don’t understand this. And a lot of already existing successful youtubers don’t tell you this. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is something that is required for google and related platforms. You need to research thoroughly, use keywords in the title and thumbnail of the videos, NOT CLICKBAITS, to attract more audience with the help of Google’s search engines. There is a lot about SEO that you need to know and unfortunately I can’t cover everything here so I am going to suggest learning about it through other blogs or maybe through free courses available online.

4. Promote Your Content on Other Platforms

If someone tells you promoting your own content is narcissistic, remove them immediately.

YouTube Course

We don’t need any negativity or unsolicited advice here.

You are allowed to let your followers and friends on social media know that you have uploaded a video on youtube. You are, in fact, allowed to send your close friends the link to your video as well.

If you won’t promote yourself, who will? And how will people know that you post on youtube? Do yourself a favour and be your proud supporter and cheerleader.

5. Outreach

This is something you can do once you have posted a decent number of videos and have a good, organic engagement or reach on your channel. No, you don’t need a hundred thousand views. A few thousand views will do perfectly well.

In this step what you are supposed to do is reach out to brands that fall in your niche and ask them if they would like to collaborate with you.

You can email them your offer and tell them how collaborating with you can benefit them. Yes, your small youtube channel can benefit their business, publicity doesn’t hurt anyone.

Make sure your offer is genuine and personalised so that they can see how and why you can be a good option for them. Don’t forget to add your social media links and a few sample videos.

How To Become a Successful Youtuber?

What NOT to Do?

Okay, my what not to do list is going to be a bit lengthier than the what to do list. Because what to do is pretty simple and so is making all these below mentioned mistakes. Let’s dive right into what not to do, shall we?

1. Do Not Start Posting Videos As Soon As You Record Them

Shocked, surprised, confused?

Successful YouTube Course

Why I’m suggesting this is because once you start recording and posting, recording and posting, there are chances you will not be able to record or edit someday and hurt your consistency.

Can you relate to this situation? Of course you can, we all are the same no matter what platform we post our content on.

Yeah, so in order to stay consistent and not create this unrequired pressure for yourself, what you can do is, record at least 30 to 50 videos beforehand. A lot? It’s not trust me. And once you have this much content ready with you, start uploading the videos. However, this does not mean that you can take a break from recording.

2. Do Not Compare Yourself With Already Successful Youtubers

What’s the point of doing that anyway? Idolise them all you want but do not let their success give you any bad feeling about where you are heading with what you JUST started. You cannot and should not compare yourself with people who have been in the game for years. You will reach their level some day, believe in yourself and give up on that thought already. Consider youtube a normal, fun platform, just like instagram, twitter, and facebook.

3. Do Not Expect Your First Few Videos to Blow Up

A lot of people are lucky enough to experience this. Not that you can’t be one of the lucky ones, you can be, but you shouldn’t be relying on your luck. You’ll probably set your expectations too high and hurt yourself, INTENTIONALLY.

Successful YouTube Course

4. Do Not Give Up

Even if you have posted like 50 videos already, don’t give up. Even if that number crosses 100, don’t give up. If you started something you liked but are losing hope because you are not getting something you expected, don’t give up. Consider youtubing a hobby until you start earning good money out of it. Don’t start it for money alone, you will be disheartened.

5. Do Not Take Consistency Lightly

This is the third time I am mentioning this. You should get it already how important this point must be. I’ll save you some time and not explain again.

6. Do Not Get Affected By Online Hate

Let me continue that ‘give up’ point here. If you are considering leaving youtube because someone keeps commenting hateful opinions in a derogatory tone, don’t give up. Hey, if you are getting majority hate comments then there must be something wrong with your content but if you are getting a few hate comments, then you are supposed to shift your focus to the majority comments.

You can get hate online pretty easily, you don’t even have to be a youtuber for that. Open twitter, I dare you.

So, what is the point of giving up on something you like or something that can make you successful just because there are people who don’t know how to behave? At least they are not in your life, right? And why do they even matter? They don’t know you, you don’t know them. Why give them so much importance?

PS: If anything is affecting your mental health, don’t continue, give up. Your mental health matters more than anything so if you don’t feel like this is something you can tolerate, don’t make yourself suffer unnecessarily.

7. Do Not Ignore Youtube SEO

Another point that I covered earlier as well. I told you it can help you, now I am telling you if you don’t take me seriously, it is going to affect you negatively. Listen to me, okay? Haha no I am kidding. Just, research and learn for yourself how important SEO is and you will yourself realise why I am asking you to take care of it.

8. Do Not Stop Being Creative While Following the Trend

Following the trends is important. Because that is one way you can reach out to your audience easily and immediately. But don’t religiously follow the trend as it is. Introduce your own twist, stand out of the crowd, and use the trend in your favour by not doing something that has already been done by someone else.

Parting Words

That is it. You can be a successful youtuber if you keep these dos and don’ts in mind in your “becoming a youtuber” journey. I really hope to watch each and every one of you who are reading this today to get successful on youtube. If you want more guidance on becoming a successful youtuber, feel free to check out the Hustlepost Academy’s How to Become a Successful Youtuber course. Created by Saloni, a successful youtuber herself, the course is an ultimate guide that can guarantee you success.

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