6 FREE Ways to Market Your YouTube Videos

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One of the best passive or side income streams is YouTube. We all have been intrigued by how YouTubers make so much money at some point in life. And some of us have decided to follow the path of these creators and make good money through YouTubing. If you are here we are assuming that you have already decided to start uploading on YouTube but are confused about how you will get enough views to actually make money through the platform. Well, getting started might be a bit intimidating but with the right approach, things will start falling into place. Here are a few ways in which you can market your YouTube videos and reach out to the right audience in no time.

Learn YouTube SEO

First things first, you will need to know the basics of YouTube SEO. YouTube SEO is doing great and if you learn how to use it in your favour, your videos can do better than you anticipate even in the initial stages. Learning SEO for YouTube is the first thing you need to do in order to market YouTube videos.

By learning SEO you will be able to write better titles, create videos that are right for your audience, write SEO-friendly descriptions and scripts, and use the right set of keywords that will help you market YouTube videos to get better reach.

Create Informative Thumbnails

When you have a thumbnail that clearly mentions what the viewer can expect out of the video, your chances of getting views increase. You don’t have to mention everything in the thumbnail itself, just an image with the right keyword or a 3-4 word description will do.

Thumbnails that have texts like “4 high paying work from home options”, “my morning routine as an entrepreneur”, “4 ways to use chia seeds”, and so on will attract an audience that is interested in that particular kind of content. Not only will they check your video, but they may also even consider scrolling through your previous videos and playlists. This brings me to the next point. This is how you market YouTube videos for free.

Create Playlists

Create playlists with videos that are similar or are supposed to be watched together in a row. When you are starting a YouTube channel, there is a chance that you may be posting videos on more than one niche, so to make it easier for your new audience to find the content they are interested in, creating playlists can help a lot. Again, this will increase your views as people might watch your videos one after another once they are hooked.

Promote Your Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Now that you have optimised everything on YouTube itself, it’s time to target other social media platforms. Go ahead, use your personal account, and post stories and glimpses of your videos to let people know that you have posted on YouTube. Share the link to your recent video in your bio. If you have friends who don’t mind getting a message alert, send them the link and ask them to watch and share as well if they like the video.

Any and every platform is good for self-promotion so don’t stop at just Instagram. Join Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups, post a pin on Pinterest and even share your link on Twitter. You will definitely get some audience. Even if it is a small audience, know that it is eventually going to increase. So, don’t hesitate to promote yourself and your videos across different social media platforms.

Collaborate With Brands and People in Your Niche

Find brands and creators within your niche and consider collaborating with them. Everyone needs views to grow right. Find people who may be interested in collaborating with you and tell them how you both can benefit from each other’s audiences.

Reach out to brands and tell them about your current audience and engagement rate and interest them in collaborating with you. In the long run, once your channel has grown to a decent number, you can even ask the brands to pay you for such collaborations but initially, it is absolutely fine to collaborate for free, as your primary goal is to grow your channel. 

Be Consistent on Other Social Media Platforms

You have to be consistent on YouTube, there is no doubt about that. But along with that, make sure you are consistent on other platforms as well. Post videos and reels, let people know you are a YouTuber and you post content that they may be interested in without sounding self-promoting. Post informative glimpses of your YouTube content that will intrigue people to check out your whole video on YouTube.

Pro Tip

Create content specifically for other social media platforms. This way you can have a monetizable Instagram account as well.

Parting Words

There is no doubt that making money on YouTube over time is very easy but initially, you will have to put in a significant amount of effort and time. Don’t expect it to blow overnight, and don’t give up even if you don’t see any results initially. If you wish to learn from Saloni, the successful YouTuber, how she was able to make YouTube her full-time career, consider taking her course on how to become a successful YouTuber. This is the only course you need to be successful in your YouTube journey even if you are just starting out.

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