6 Ways You Can Apply Kindergarten Learnings to Your Side Hustle

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If we remember anything about our kindergarten years, it’s playing. There is no way we remember everything that happened when we were 2-3 years old, right? But what if we tell you that your kindergarten years introduced you to the essence of life? And the lessons from that time can help you even today in starting and growing your side hustle?

It sounds a little far-fetched, doesn’t it? Well, let me show you it’s not.

Here are 6 things you learned in kindergarten that will help you with your side hustle.

Practice Tomorrow What You Learn Today

Let’s recall our very first lesson, shall we? Remember when you were learning something new, say writing, or saying “‘A’ for Apple”? Was it something you learned in one day? Or did you have to repeat the same thing until you could confidently recite the whole alphabet?

There you have it. You can’t work one day and expect your side hustle to grow immediately. You will have to repeat the work every day until you start seeing success and it’s time to jump to the next step.

Embrace Your Creative Side

As kids, we have all drawn on literally anything that was in front of us. Be it a paper, notebook, newspaper, or worse, someone’s picture. Hand a kid a crayon and see them paint the whole world.

What they draw may not make sense to you. But this freedom they had to embrace their creative side gave them confidence. Confidence to paint, be creative, and recognize different colours and shapes. They learn through it.

Even if what you are doing doesn’t make sense to people around you, you are going to learn something new from it. That is what you need to focus on. Embrace your creative side and enjoy the process. So that even if you fail, you know your aim was to learn through the process while trying to succeed.

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Work When You Are Supposed to

Kindergarten students follow a proper schedule. They have dedicated class time, lunchtime, and playtime. This tells you the importance of playtime or relaxing in our case. Taking some time out to do something that gives you pleasure, reduces stress, and helps you relax is important. Even when you are working and you have a side hustle, you need to maintain a work-life balance.

Yes, you were taught the golden rule of work-life balance in kindergarten did you ever realise it?

It’s Okay to Create a Mess but Take Responsibility to Clean It

Kids will play and create a mess, it’s normal. But once they’re done creating the mess, teachers teach them how to clean and organise. Play with any game you feel like but once done, keep everything where it is supposed to be.

There, you have another life lesson. Create mess. It is okay to try things out, quit, and pick up a different hobby, but when you are done creating this mess, you need to clean it. You should know how to take responsibility. Nobody else is going to help you, and even if someone can, you shouldn’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

Be Nice but Don’t Let Someone Play You

Kindergarten teaches you the precious less of sharing and caring. Make friends, share your food and stationery, sit together, and play together. But if there is a kid who keeps bullying another kid, the teacher tells the other kid to speak up.

Yes, the lesson is for both the kids, while one is preached to not be rude and bossy, the other is taught to not be timid.

Well, both lessons are important for you. As a freelancer, you should always be respectful and polite with your clients. But if there is a situation where, say, your client refuses to pay you, you should know how to take care of that. 

Learn to Be Independent but Ask for Help When Needed

In kindergarten, we learnt how to do basic things by ourselves. Like going to the washroom, eating lunch, and writing in the notebook without help. But there was staff available to help and guide wherever required. The teacher would feed us, take us to the washroom, and hold our hands while writing to teach us how to write properly.

When you are starting or growing your side hustle you will need to learn to be independent. Because as a freelancer, especially in the beginning, you may not be earning enough to hire people. So, you need to learn to do everything on your own.

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t ask for help. There are people who have been in your shoes and can help you in reaching your goals. You should reach out to these people whenever in need.  They will help you make sure you are on the right path and not stuck in a situation for longer than you can handle.

Parting Words

Your kindergarten years were more than just playing. It’s time to recall and extract the lessons that will help you manage your stress and situations today. Once you start focusing on life lessons this way you will notice how everything can fall into place. You need to consider focusing on the fun, positive aspects of life.

Coming back to your side hustle, there is no doubt that starting a side hustle is going to be difficult. All these people who tell you that you can earn six figures by working for 3-4 hours a day are throwing bait at you. They are not lying. It is absolutely possible. But not in the initial stages of setting up and starting a side hustle.

To start your business on the right foot, you can seek guidance from people who were once where you are today. Hustlepost Academy has mentors and students who can help you. And not just that, their course will give you a clear step-by-step guide on how to start and grow your side hustle. It is the only business blueprint you will need, especially if you are just starting out.

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