Delaying Your Side Hustle? These Myths Might Be The Reason

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Starting a side hustle is not mandatory but one can witness its importance in current times. Due to several myths and misconceptions, starting as well as growing a side hustle has become a task. Either people start expecting too much too soon or they refuse to step into it at all.

Here are a few myths that are responsible for the delay in starting your side hustle. It’s time to bust them and start working.

All You Need Is a Laptop and Internet Connection

This is a myth that has been fed to the public over and over again. You will find people suggesting that you can earn lacs with a laptop and internet connection.

Although it is true that you may not need to invest in anything other than a laptop to start a side hustle. It does not mean having a laptop and the internet is enough to start and grow your side hustle.

You will be working, learning, implementing, improving, and growing. It’s a long process. Even if you may not need physical resources, you will need to invest in learning and staying updated.

You Can Earn a Six-Figure Income From Your Side Hustle Within a Few Months

Another truth that is often marketed in such a way that it becomes a myth. Yes, you can earn six figures from your side hustle. But if someone tells you that you can start generating that kind of income within a few months without doing a lot, they are trying to lure you with a myth.

Myth HustlePost Academy

Starting a side hustle is easy but making a consistent income out of it may take some time. You may be able to earn around INR 50,000 in 4-5 months but that may or may not be consistent. To make a stable, consistent income from a side hustle, you will need to give it some time.

Having a Side Hustle Will Interfere With Your Full-Time Job

Well, this is true for a lot of people. but terms and conditions apply here. It is true for people who choose to mix their side hustle with their full-time job. You don’t have to. When you have dedicated time for your job and side hustle, there is no way either of the two can interfere with the other.

It’s a myth that having a side hustle interferes with or affects the quality of your work at your workplace. If you are able to create boundaries and manage everything, your side hustle will never interfere with your job.

You Just Need to Spend 2 Hours a Day on Your Side Hustle

These types of myths are common for side hustles like affiliate marketing. If you are starting a side hustle that can get you a decent income, you can’t dedicate 2 hours of your day and expect it to work in your favour.

Myth HPA

A side hustle, especially in the initial stages demands a good amount of time and effort. No, you don’t have to work on your side hustle all day. But you will have to invest your undivided time and attention in learning and executing. Once you start your side hustle you will have to analyse, learn, and improve your strategies to grow.

Most importantly, you will have to spend your time reaching out to your potential clients. which means in the initial stages there can be times when you will be working but not making any money.

Starting a Side Hustle Will Hinder Your Work-Life Balance

This is one of the most common myths that almost every individual who doesn’t have a side hustle believes in.

Starting a side hustle would mean investing more time of your day in work and we are not left with any time after our job. Does that mean we need to give up on our life and sleep to start a side hustle?


Starting a side hustle does not mean you need to give up on your work or life. A side hustle does not hinder your work-life balance. You need to manage your time so that you can take out time for yourself without compromising on your job and sleep.

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You Will Require Money to Start a Side Hustle

A lot of people believe and suggest that to start a side hustle you will need to make an investment. There are some side hustles that may require an initial investment. But that is not the case in online side hustles. For example, if you decide to sell paintings, embroidered frames, or hand-painted ceramic bowls, you will have to invest in the raw materials. But this is not true if you intend to start an online side hustle.

You can learn through free courses, start your side hustle, make money, and then invest in paid courses. Invest in paid courses so that you can learn better and enhance your skills. This will help you figure out where you are lacking. Moreover, it will also lead you in the right direction which will promise growth and success.

You Will Be Doing Everything All by Yourself

Just because you are starting a side hustle does not mean you cannot take help from others. Starting a side hustle is not a lot different from starting a business, you are supposed to treat it the same way. Of course, you can’t invest in the best resources right from the beginning. But there’s nothing wrong with starting with reasonable and good resources. You can delegate work and give other side hustlers the opportunity they deserve.

You can hire a virtual assistant so that you don’t have to take care of everything all by yourself. Instead of investing your time in learning everything, you can ask others to help you. You can find yourself a mentor so that you can have someone who can help you if you ever feel stuck somewhere.

Parting Words

The list of myths, no matter what subject we are discussing, is never-ending. Starting a side hustle is no exception. But it is you who decides to get the facts correct and bust these myths for yourself. We can write it down for you but you are responsible for understanding what is the right thing to do.

If you are certain that you would like to start a side hustle, it’s high time you do that. Start with picking up a hobby or skill that you would like to turn into a side hustle. Research how the market is working. Learn more about the skills required. Get familiar with the marketing tactics and how businesses work online. And, finally, launch your side hustle. If this sounds overwhelming, consider taking a course on how to start and grow your side hustle. You can follow the blueprint and start your side hustle in no time.

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