Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Content Marketing Agency

how to start a content marketing agency, steps to start a content marketing agency

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Content marketing is one of the most important and effective digital marketing strategies. Businesses are recognising the benefits of content marketing and are trying to include it in their marketing as well. 

One of the reasons why starting your own content marketing agency can be a profitable decision.

But before starting an agency, it is important to understand what you shall be responsible for and how you can start your business the right way.

What Is Content Marketing?

Let’s start with understanding what a content marketing agency does. For people who are already working as content marketers, this may be something you already know but there are several people out there who think simply knowing how to write content is enough to step into the agency business.

It’s unfortunate but not surprising because we know people who think content writing is all about writing grammatically correct sentences.

Well, content marketing and writing are different concepts. Of course, they go hand in hand as you will require writing skills but that is not all. You will be writing different types of content that are favourable for marketing a specific type of business.

Yes, different businesses have different content requirements and it is important to strategise accordingly.

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What Does a Content Marketing Agency Do?

A content marketing agency plans and creates content for the businesses and publish, market, and promote it for them in a manner that generates leads. However, it is important to note that content marketing, unlike other marketing strategies, is not persuasive. 

You aim to provide information and let the potential customers know what the business is about and how it can benefit them so that they decide to take action in favour of the business.

The content a content marketing agency provides can be in the form of writing, graphics, and videos. From writing blogs to creating infographics, ebooks, videos, and slideshows, everything comes under content marketing as its primary focus is to provide information relevant to the business, and the secondary purpose is to generate leads through it.

Step By Step Guide To Starting A Content Marketing Agency

Now that one knows what a content marketing agency exactly does, it is time to jump into the step by step guide because let’s be honest, we all need one.

Learn How to Start and Manage an Online Business

It is often suggested that one should start working on something they wish to do instead of wasting time perfecting their skills and knowledge but when it comes to starting a business, it is important to have basic knowledge so that you are well prepared for the industry. 

Starting a business, especially online, is not difficult but not every business is bound to succeed. If you want to achieve success as an entrepreneur, consider investing your time in learning how to start and grow your business online. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your business.

Create a Business Plan

With the required knowledge and skills, you will feel confident with your decision of starting an online business. It’s time to start working on your decision. And the first step is to create a business plan.

Take out a notebook and pen, or open a Google document and start writing your business plan. Make it as detailed as possible. Every information you think is important for your business should be included in the plan. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself for your business plan:

  • What am I going to name my business?
  • Should I start alone or hire people immediately?
  • How much can I invest in the business?
  • What are my revenue expectations?
  • Short term goals
  • Long term goals
  • How can I make my agency stand out from the competition?
  • Who is going to be my competition? (pick at least 5)
  • What can I do better than my competitors?
  • What shall be my target market?
  • How much will I charge for the services?
  • How do I intend to connect with my target market?
  • How will I market my business?

Handle the Legal Formalities

If you are serious about your business, you should start by fulfilling all the legal requirements of starting a business. You will need to register your business, get the permits and licences required to start an online agency, open a business bank account, and get insurance. 

This will help you separate your personal finances from your business and it is important because if in case things go south, your personal assets should not be at stake. You will anyway have to do all this in the long run, when your business picks up so to avoid the hassle after a year or so, consider starting your business on the right foot by handling all the legal formalities from the beginning.

Create and Optimise Your Business Website

Create a website for your business, it is time to step into the market and let people know you are ready with your services. Optimise your website according to the SEO and design it in a manner that represents your vision and defines your business perfectly. 

As a marketer, you would know better how design, content, and SEO works with a website. Use your knowledge and expertise in your favour, this is the time.

Have an Active Business Account on Different Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing, remember? Even if that is not a service you provide, you need to use it for your own business. Create a business account on different social media platforms and be active with posts and engagement. 

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can get you the most clients so don’t take this step lightly.

Create Content for Yourself

Consider yourself your first client and show what quality services you shall be providing to your clients by creating content for yourself. 

Your own website is the first thing your potential clients are going to visit. Even before checking your samples and testimonials, they are going to judge your services through your business website. Make sure you put notable efforts into it and make it as appealing as possible.

Network and Outreach

That is it. You are ready with your business, now you have to attract an audience that can be converted into leads. Reach out to your potential clients and start networking with them on social media. Share your website link in your social media bios and keep promoting and creating content so that you rank on Google. You can also choose to run ads.

Send cold emails to businesses you would want to work with and who can use your services for their business presence and reach.

When To Hire Employees?

One can choose to hire employees as soon as they start their business or once the business is doing well. While it completely depends on personal preference, we highly recommend hiring employees as soon as you feel you have decent work and there is something else that needs your attention.

You don’t necessarily have to hire full-time employees, freelancers can work better for you as you will not have to pay for days you don’t have work and you can choose to work with people for a shorter duration.

When you are running a business, there is a lot that you need to take care of, and working on the clients’ projects all by yourself may not be possible for you. It is better to delegate work as soon as you start and focus on growing your business.

However, that is something we recommend, you may have different plans and if you think you can handle everything alone WITHOUT burdening or exhausting yourself, go ahead and start working as a one-person army. We wish the best for you and your business.

Parting Words

Content marketing agencies are highly in demand and it would be wrong to say that there is least to no competition.

Excelling in the field is highly possible but of course, you will require better skills and knowledge than those who are already competing for years. Our course on how to start and grow your online business is perfect for people who aspire to step into the digital marketing world and wish to start their own content marketing agency. 

The course covers every aspect of business and marketing. It is your one-stop knowledge hub for everything you will need to start a content marketing agency.

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