How Does Email Marketing Actually Work?

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You must have been told over and over again how email marketing, despite being one of the oldest techniques of digital marketing, is one of the most effective strategies out there. It won’t be wrong to say that email marketing is actually more effective than social media.

But how does it work? Are there people who even check their emails anymore? Do people consider making a purchase through an email they receive?

Well, yes they do.

And it’s not just about selling the services or products here, email marketing lets you build a relationship with clients that can help you grow your business more efficiently than you anticipate.

To use email marketing in your favour, you first need to know what it is and how it works. So without any further ado, let’s see how email marketing works, shall we?

It All Starts With a List

If you know the basics, you would know that people subscribe to newsletters and emails and only with their consent and permission a business can send them emails. You are not spamming anyone unnecessarily, people are interested in your emails and thus are getting one. That means for you to send an email for marketing your business the first thing you need is a list of email addresses of people who are interested in getting your email.

So, it all starts with you popping up the question if your existing or potential customer wishes to receive emails from you and when they sign up for that, they start getting updates about your business. These updates can help them decide if and when they should be taking action that will in turn benefit your business.

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Email Marketing List

You Build Relationships

Even though your main purpose is to sell the product or service, you don’t actually make it look like you are selling something, you build trust, and you build a relationship with your customers so that they themselves choose you over other brands.

This relationship-building can help you in so many ways. You make sales, your email list grows, and people recommend your business to their friends, everything can happen just through email marketing. It is that powerful.

Educate People and They’ll Be Yours

As already mentioned, email marketing is not about selling but building relationships. So besides information about updates and new launches, your emails also include articles and information that can offer your customers knowledge about your company, product and its benefits for your customers.

When you start educating your customers and sharing information that nobody else is sharing, your customers start taking you even more seriously.

This information generally targets the pain points of the customers and it does not primarily revolve around your product. Email marketing lets you connect with your customers at a personal level.

Email List - HPA

There’s Something Missing On Your Part

Everything mentioned above explains what you do to make email marketing work in your favour. But there is something that you need to do before sending out your first email to the list you have in your hand (in the excel sheet, on your laptop, which is probably in your lap right now).

What’s that?

Well, you sign yourself up for an email marketing tool.

So, how email marketing actually works is, that you get a tool that allows you to create beautiful, attractive emails and send hundreds of the same without landing in the spam section. Everything else is secondary but, of course, important.

Do People Even Read Emails?

It may surprise you a little but yes, people read emails. Don’t you? Tell me you haven’t checked your email in ages. You haven’t ever received an email from a brand that informed you about an ending sale and you didn’t visit the website even once. Tell me you haven’t starred an email because it had an intriguing subject line but you couldn’t read it at that moment.

You have, right? There’s your proof, people read emails.

According to studies (you can check here if you don’t believe us), the average ROI (rate of investment) is $36 for every $1 spent. That means people are not only reading emails but are even taking action. This is how email marketing works and helps a business grow.

Parting Words

Email marketing is very important for any and every business. Small or large, new or old, every business will eventually realize the need to send emails to potential and existing clients so that they can keep them hooked and get them to take action that will help the business grow.

But how can it help you?

A student or a working professional who currently doesn’t own a business.

Well, you can help businesses by offering email marketing services. It can be your side hustle.  Sounds interesting? Then learn more about the same and consider taking the advantage of this career option that is here to stay forever (at least for now it seems this way).

You can learn more about email marketing through this email marketing services course offered by the Hustlepost Academy. This is the only course you need to not only understand the basics of email marketing but also how to work as an email marketer on the side.

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