How to Find the Perfect Side Hustle for You? The Only Guide You Need

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The list of side hustles that can make you a decent income on the side is neverending. But to find a side hustle that is perfect for you is more difficult than one assumes. Especially for people who cannot point out one hobby, or skill that they would want to monetise.

Ask someone what their hobby or skill is and the most common answers will be “none” followed by “I don’t know”.

If you are one of those people who don’t know what their hobby or skill is, you have come to the right place. This is the ultimate guide you need to find a side hustle that is perfect for you.

What Is Something You Can Talk About for Hours?

Before finding a side hustle for you, let’s first find out what you are most passionate about. There has to be something that you love talking about. A topic that can make your head turn when people discuss it. something so intriguing for you that you try to cover every new information about that topic.

Side Hustle - Guide

It can be anything. Social media, politics, education, psychology, money-making, travelling, books, self-care, or fashion.

If you think there is more than one topic that you can talk about for hours, make a list.

Something You Wouldn’t Mind Doing for Free

Now that you have a list of things that you can talk about, it’s time to see what is something that you won’t mind doing for free.

Yes, we know you are already talking about these topics for free, but you aren’t talking like it is your work. What if it was your work, to educate people, and saying no was not an option?

Let us give you an example. You have a full time job. It is not like you hate it but there are days when you don’t feel like working. You don’t feel like going to the office but you wouldn’t mind working on your hobby. There are days when you don’t feel like talking but one topic gets you to talk. That one topic can be your side hustle. Find that topic and see how you can earn money through it. It can be writing, speaking, fashion, lifestyle, painting, reading, or watching Netflix.

You can monetise anything. Even watching Netflix, just find a way.

What Do Your Friends and Family Reach Out to You for?

There is something that we are famous for, in our circle of friends and family. It can, again, be anything. Writing social media captions, offering styling advice, or answering finance-related queries.

Something that you have been doing for your friends and family all your life. That can be your side hustle, your business idea.

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What Do You Think Is Your Area of Expertise?

This is where your previous qualifications come into play. Your qualifications can help you find your skills and expertise.

For instance, a commerce student can be good at business, management, or marketing. If you have studied science, you must have great research skills. You might be good with technology. Or problem-solving comes naturally to you. Perhaps, you are good at explaining things. And if you are from the humanities background the list of skills is never-ending. Writing, speaking, acting, cooking, managing, teaching, or drawing. See what skill you can most relate to.

If Success Is Guaranteed, What Will You Want to do?

For our dreamers, the side hustle options they are interested in are not as lowkey as, say, writing. Some aim to become an actor, a photographer, a cricketer, or something along these lines. Others would want to start their restaurants and coffee shops.

If your dreams fall in this category, you should work under people who can help you achieve your goals. They can guide you better and show you how to achieve the goals that you are aiming for.

You can join classes, get trained, or ask a professional to let you work under them. Add this experience to your resume and reach out to people for work.

It is okay to work for free when you are a fresher. You will be getting so much more through this experience which is invaluable. Introduction to the industry, see how a business is doing, and why it is successful. You will also notice the mistakes they made that you need to avoid. Most importantly, you get an experience that can further help you get an opportunity that will get you paid.

Parting Words

… and there you have it, your own side hustle. A side hustle that you are most interested in and are actually good at. A hobby that can get you paid. We hope you now know at least one skill that you are willing to monetise. Now, what do you need to do to actually make this a side hustle? Well, you need to learn how to start and grow your side hustle. And you can do that through this course offered by Hustlepost Academy. The course gives you a blueprint of the side hustle journey. From starting a side hustle to converting it into a six-figure business.

Your passion can be your


Our courses will help you get to your dream income in the next 60 days, by doing what you truly love!

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