How to Become a TEDx Speaker? The Ultimate Guide You Need

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We all have, at some point in our lives, watched TEDx videos on YouTube and felt inspired by the speakers. It is very normal to believe that you too can be one of them and while it is a dream of many, only a few actually consider pursuing it. We are glad you are here, researching how you too can pursue your dream, become a TEDx speaker, and share your ups and downs with an audience that is looking for inspiration.

Before talking about how you can become a TEDx speaker, let us first state very clearly that TEDx is not the only speaking platform where you can get recognition. Sure, it is one of the most reputed, and highly watched platforms, but speaking for a local platform can prove to be as beneficial for you.

Aim at TEDx but consider any other platform an equally important opportunity.

Before Registering Yourself as a TEDx Speaker

Speaking at TEDx is not something you decide spontaneously and go for it. You need to prepare yourself, your pitch and speech, and most importantly, you need to create a professionally sound image of yourself online. Here are a few things that you need to do before you decide to become a TEDx speaker.

Optimise Your Profile as a Professional

By optimising your profile as a professional what we mean is, that you need to be available on social media platforms with decent information about what you do, what and how you have accomplished something that is worth sharing with others, a little background, and how you, as a speaker, can add value to the TEDx event.

Shortlist the Ideas or Situations That You Wish to Talk About

You cannot share each and every incident of your life that made you what you are today, right? So, shortlist a few ideas that you believe have played a significant role in your life and can help your audience as well.

Write down everything you wish to share and then draft a rough speech for yourself, speak and analyse if the information you have added makes sense and make the required changes accordingly.

Watch Previous and Latest TEDx Videos

Even if you have watched innumerable TEDx videos it is time to watch them again. Watch videos that have the most views and then the latest videos. This will give you an idea of what people are watching and how speakers are, well, speaking at a TEDx event.

Note down the good and bad points so that you can improve your own speech and speaking skills.

How to Register Yourself as a TEDx Speaker?

Now that you have worked on your speech and you are confident about your decision to become a TEDx speaker, it’s time to register yourself. The process is not as difficult as it may seem and the “before TEDx” preparation will help you here.

Research the Details of Upcoming TEDx

It’s time to polish your detective skills. Research about TEDx events that are happening around you and see if there is any information available regarding the organisers or applying as a speaker. What you can do is subscribe to the TEDx newsletter and receive an email alert every time there is an event.

Nominate Yourself as a Speaker

TEDx has this option where you can nominate someone or yourself as a speaker by simply filling out the form available online and if they find your profile appropriate for the event, according to the theme, they shortlist and contact you.

You can check TED’s official website and apply as a speaker easily. However, the chances they will get back to you are less, so don’t rely on just that.

Connect With the Organisers

Usually TEDx is organised by local organisers and one of the most effective ways to become a TEDx speaker is by connecting with the organisers online and reaching out to them with your pitch.

Parting Words

Please note, as a TEDx speaker, you don’t have to be extremely successful or have everything sorted out. Any outstanding idea, achievement, or unique experience can help you become a TEDx speaker in India.

For achieving something remarkable, you can turn your passion or side hustle into a full-time profession or crack the code of becoming good at something that you can later share with an audience that is interested in knowing more about how you achieved it in the first place.

For more guidance and a better understanding of how to become a TEDx speaker, You can also take Hustlepost Academy’s How to Land a TEDx Talk course. The program covers everything about public speaking. It can help you improve your speaking skills and get you familiar with the importance and technicalities of public speaking.

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