Beginners Guide on How to Invite Guests for Your Podcast?

how to invite guests for podcast, How to Invite Guests for Your Podcast

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Inviting guests to your podcast can help you reach out to an even bigger audience because, well, you will be attracting the guest’s audience as well. But how do we get this “guest” to come on our podcast and get interviewed? It might be easy for podcasters who have a good audience but for people who are just starting, I can understand your dilemma here. Nothing to worry about, here are 5 ways in which you can invite famous guests for your podcast. Trust me, these work.

Start With People Who Are Easy to Approach

Well, this one is kind of obvious but still important to mention. You can’t invite, say, Deepika Padukone for your first podcast. If you can, and if she agrees, oh man you’re so lucky and good at podcasting that even we would want lessons from you. No sarcasm intended. But yes, even if there is a possibility, it is extremely low and not worth relying on.

So what you can do is, invite people who are easy to approach, have decent popularity in the niche you are covering and have something to share.

People don’t mind getting interviewed and for someone who is just starting in their respective field, getting interviewed can help them as well so let them know how this collaboration can help them.

Let the Guests Apply

Okay, this might sound a bit weird but this works wonders. Instead of approaching people, you would like to interview or invite for your podcast, what you can do is, create an application form and spread the word that you are interested in interviewing people. You can draft a few questions and based on the answers you can select your guests.

We are going to repeat what we mentioned in the previous point. People need to spread the word about their work and getting interviewed by podcasters like you can help them. That means you can expect people to apply.

PROTIP: make sure you add the link to the application form on all social media platforms and get it promoted as well.

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Send Cold Emails

Cold pitching works. It does. Trust us. No matter what you’re trying to get from the other person or brand, sending a cold email increases your chances of getting them to work with you.

Send cold emails to people you would love to interview, and who knows even Deepika Padukone finds your cold pitch interesting and agrees to come to your podcast. Try your luck.


Use Connections

You may have someone who can connect you with people you would like to interview. Or even better, maybe your previous guest wouldn’t mind introducing you to their friend who can be your next guest. Don’t hesitate from asking them to introduce you to potential guests for your podcast. If you approach them nicely and appropriately it won’t be awkward. So there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

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Ask Other Podcasters for Help

Of course, you listen to other podcasters. You know there are some podcasters who are somehow doing amazingly well in this interview thing that you too want to do. Why don’t you ask them how they’re doing it? You know it may sound a little weird and shocking to you but people who are successful at something don’t mind sharing their knowledge with people who are starting out. They don’t consider you a competition but a passionate individual they once related to. So, because they have been in their shoes, they know what it is like to be you and how their advice and tips can help you.

Don’t believe me? Reach out to them and see for yourself.

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Parting Words

Podcasting is fun especially because of the interview part. You get to talk to so many people who have achieved something and have a story to tell. This story is interesting and inspiring for you as well as your listeners. But podcasts are much more than just that. If you are passionate about starting a podcast and would like to learn more about it, consider taking a course on How to Launch Your Own Podcast by Hustlepost Academy. The course covers everything you need to know about starting a podcast and earning through it.

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