Ultimate Podcast Script Writing Guide for Clueless Newbie Podcasters

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The script is the foundation of your podcast (and your YouTube), no wonder it seems so stressful. It is actually not difficult to write a script that has a natural flow and sounds good to your audience. You need to keep a few points in mind that will help you write a perfect script every single time.

Here is your ultimate guide to writing a podcast script that people will love listening to.

Talk About Things You Know and Are Passionate About

Scriptwriting starts with selecting a topic. Choose a topic that interests you. Make sure you are providing information that people will find interesting.

It is better to talk about things you are passionate about over something trending. Your interest in a topic is evident from the way you speak or talk about it. The more interested you are, the better information you will have to share. And the more your audience will like it.

Conduct thorough research and find topics that interest you and are trending as well.

Keep Intro Short and Crisp

Have your topic, it’s time to write the opening or introduction for your podcast. You can introduce yourself in different ways every time you start your podcast. 
But people prefer using the same intro to make it consistent and easier for themselves. You can write an introduction related to your topic of the podcast and change it for every episode. Or prerecord your introduction and add it as it is at the start of every episode.
No matter how you choose to do it, make sure your intro is not too long. How you start your podcast can make or break the deal for you. It should be short and crisp. 
You need to hold onto your audience and make sure they don’t leave even before the topic starts.
You are new, people don’t know much about you and your life, they are there for the topic or title of the podcast. Tell them who you are briefly and give them what they are looking for.
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Write a Conversational Script

Your podcast script should not be an article. A lot of people make this mistake. Writing a podcast script is entirely different from writing an article or blog. 
Even if you are alone, you are conversing with your audience, record it that way. 
Build up curiosity but don’t build it so much that it irritates your audience. Change your tone so that you sound like a human and not some robot reading through a book. Write your script in a conversational language and tone. Don’t sound like you are reading an academic paper or book. Keep it light and simple. Exactly how you usually speak.

Divide Your Content

You have your topic and introduction sorted, now let’s move forward to the main topic. Divide your main topic into subtopics. Like if your title is in the list form, it is divided
If you are covering the basics of a topic, you can divide it into what, when, how, types, and whatever the categories can be.
Always divide your content so that it is easy for your audience to understand. One of the easiest ways to do this, if you are covering a general topic is to answer the frequently asked questions. 
That way, you will be providing information your audience needs without overwhelming them.

Avoid Fluff

This is something that is one of the major reasons why people avoid listening to podcasts. There is so much fluff, right from the beginning of the podcast. It is one thing to mention sponsors and introduce oneself. But to mention information that isn’t even related to the topic you are talking about makes no sense.

If you have a huge audience interested in knowing what you are up to and what’s up in your life, then it makes sense. But for a beginner, most of your audience is landing on your podcast because of the title you have. They want information about it and don’t want you to beat around the bush.

The more to-the-point information you offer, the faster you can grow your audience.

Parting Words

Podcasting is not much different from Youtubing when it comes to writing a script. But you need to understand that the pressure of writing a good script in the case of a podcast is more. The reason is that in your podcast all you have is your voice. The script keeps the audience entertained. On YouTube, one can use expressions, backgrounds, props, and relevant clips and texts.

If you want to start a podcast, you need to start on the right foot so that you can do good, right from the start. We recommend learning how to start a podcast so that you know how podcasting exactly works. Especially if you intend to earn money through your podcast.

Hustlepost Academy has a course specifically designed for podcasters. It can help you with every piece of information you need to start a profitable podcast and much more than that.

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