Why Does Email Marketing Have a High ROI?

email marketing, why does email marketing has high ROI

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Let’s put it out there right in the beginning, email marketing has an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.

The most effective marketing technique is word of mouth. We all must have known this, nothing works as good as the word of mouth. But will you believe me if I tell you that email marketing is the second most effective marketing technique, right after word of mouth?

Who thought this dinosaur will last THIS long? Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques and it is a little surprising to know that in this time and era of social media and whatnot, it is email marketing that is still ruling the marketing world.

But why exactly is it working? Who is reading all these emails?

Believe it or not, everyone. Everyone is not only reading emails but even taking action. The traffic is getting converted into leads and clients through email marketing even in 2022.

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Why Is Email Marketing Working Even In 2022?

If you know anything about email marketing you would know that email marketing lets you reach out to a large number of people with information that they have subscribed to. Moreover, you can customise and personalise everything according to your readers’ interests. Not just that, the relationship built through email marketing is strong, consistent, and profitable for both readers and the business.

These are the reasons why email marketing has still been working, even after so many new advancements and betterments have been introduced in digital marketing.

Why Do People Check Their Emails?

Now, this is one question that bugs all of us. Especially those who are least bothered about their emails.

I am assuming that you don’t check your emails regularly.

But tell me one thing, haven’t you subscribed to any newsletter at all? You have, right?

So, you are a part of someone’s audience but you are not reading the emails they send you. Or maybe you do.

The last time you checked your email for some work-related email that you were waiting for, did you or did you not open any email that had a good subject line that intrigued you to click on it? Most of us do that, you have to be either really focused on your work-related message or completely against emails to avoid all the emails in your inbox.

Well, coming back to why people check their emails, people subscribe to the newsletters only because they want to get notified. And when they do get notified with a subject line that is intriguing and something that subscribed for, they consider checking it. And when they are checking it, if they like the way that email is written, they take action exactly how the business wants them to.

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Should You Be Using Email Marketing for Your Business?

Yes, given the amazing ROI of email marketing you should be using email marketing for your business. I will add an extra yes to my answer if you are into B2B marketing. Email marketing works amazingly well for B2B marketing. The reason behind that is that people in B2B marketing check their emails because they are very dependent on emails for communication and stuff.

It is slightly less effective for B2C marketing because well, customers like you and me don’t check emails regularly. I mean that is probably the reason why we get surprised when someone tells us that email marketing is effective and people check their emails regularly.

How to Become an Email Marketing Expert?

If you are a freelancer who wishes to provide email marketing services to businesses and solopreneurs, you should consider taking this course on email marketing that will teach you everything related to email marketing right from the very basics.

If you are a business owner who wishes to make email marketing their B to grow their business, you should consider hiring an email marketing expert who can analyse your business and do email marketing for you.

Depending on your industry and the type of business you are running, you will need to have a very specific marketing strategy that will work for your business. What you can do is learn about marketing and email marketing but hiring someone who has prior knowledge and experience will probably prove to be more beneficial than trying different strategies all by yourself.

Parting Words

Email marketing is one dinosaur that is here to stay. And considering it is harmless and probably friendly to your business as well (just like it is to other businesses) befriending it is highly recommended. If you wish to learn more about email marketing and the techniques to make it work for yourself, Hustlepost Academy has a course for you. This email marketing services course covers everything from email basics to myths and mistakes, email copywriting, email marketing tools tutorials, and even lessons on how to write emails that land in the inbox so that you can write a perfect email that will definitely get the best results for your business.

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