From Quitting Job to Offering Multiple Services, Here’s How Kajol Is Earning More Than INR 50,000 Every Month

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Sometimes picking up one hobby is not important. Sometimes you can pursue everything you want to and succeed. Kajol is an HPA student who has been offering multiple services as a freelancer and is able to make more than INR 50,000 a month.
Freelance Influencer Marketer, Content Writer, Virtual Assistant, and Photographer
Success Stories

Life Before Joining HPA

Before joining Hustlepost Academy Kajol was working full-time as a journalist and had acquired decent experience in the field. Along with that, she was also pursuing her passion for photography. She got freelancing assignments primarily through the word of mouth and used to take them as and when she was offered the opportunity.

From Hustling to Full-Time Freelancing

It is mostly the fear of losing financial security that holds us back from quitting our jobs and following our passion. The fear is genuine and it should be there. Especially when you don’t have a consistent income through your passion turned side hustle.

That was exactly the case for Kajol as well. She was getting freelancing assignments but the work wasn’t consistent. She liked her job because it let her pursue her passion for photography as well but after some time it became a little problematic for her.

It was after she had pursued the course offered by Hustlepost Academy that she started getting consistent work and decided to finally put her resignation, after a few months of postponing the decision. She even reached out to Saloni before taking this decision and we believe she is happy with the decision she made.

She doesn’t have to work all the time and is satisfied with the income she is making and the clients she is dealing with.

The Role of HPA in Your Journey

Kajol has been side hustling from even before side hustling was a trend, way before HPA came into existence. The confidence to turn that side hustle into a full-time business, knowledge regarding pricing, and techniques to market herself as a freelancer is what Hustlepost Academy offered her.

It was after joining HPA that Kajol started using social media in her favour to market herself and generate leads for her freelancing side hustle. Today, she has worked with a number of well-known YouTubers and is offering influencer marketing services that she earlier had no clue about. Along with that, she is a content writer, virtual assistant, and photographer.

Current Revenue

Kajol’s revenue ranges easily between INR 50,000 to INR 1 lac a month. She makes 80% of her income through one client and keeps getting photography assignments on the side as well. Influencer marketing is the primary service that is getting her the most clients. And with that, there is virtual assistance and content writing as well.

Parting Words

We believe that the reason behind Kajol’s success is that she didn’t restrict herself to just one career option. She has explored every field that intrigued her. And even if she didn’t have prior knowledge, she didn’t stop herself from learning and trying new things out. As a journalist, she already had content writing and photography skills but virtual assistance and influencer marketing were very new for her. She turned something she had no clue about into her primary source of income, it explains a lot about her as a hustler.

All it took for her to gain this success is to be open to learning and taking the HPA course that laid the foundation of marketing for her.

If you think you should be trying out different career paths before selecting one, you should consider taking the how to start and grow your side hustle course offered by Hustlepost Academy. It covers everything from content writing to virtual assistance, YouTubing, Podcasting, Blogging, Marketing, and Social Media Management.

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