Managing Multiple Side Hustles Along With a Full Time Job, Prathiba Is Making INR 50K a Month

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Sometimes picking up one hobby is not important. Sometimes you can pursue everything you want to and succeed. Kajol is an HPA student who has been offering multiple services as a freelancer and is able to make more than INR 50,000 a month.
Content Writer, Blogger, and Blogging Coach
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Life Before Joining HPA

Before joining HPA, Prathiba pursued her master’s and worked with Amazon. She has had a very tight schedule but with companies initiating the “work from home” policy during the pandemic, she got a total of 4 hours in hand that she saved because she didn’t have to travel to and from work anymore.

Instead of wasting this time watching Netflix, she decided to invest this time in learning something new. That’s when Saloni launched her mentorship course which was way before she launched the Hustlepost Academy. Prathiba took that mentorship call and after talking to Saloni for around two hours, she launched her blog, that very day.

Managing Health as a Side Hustler

For someone who has an extremely hectic job, having a side hustle can take a toll. And in this case, Prathiba has multiple side hustles so Saloni asked her about her health. Prathiba mentioned how problematic it had become for her to take care of her health during the pandemic because she wasn’t able to eat properly and on time.

She had to be hospitalised and leave everything for a month. That’s when she finally started taking care of her health. It was an unfortunate experience that made her realise her health is more important than her work and side hustle.

That’s when she herself mentioned that working on a side hustle for more than an hour is hustling and this isn’t something that we, Saloni, and Prathiba promote.

Your side hustle should be anything but hustle.

Managing Multiple Side Hustles With a Full Time Job

Prathiba is a content writer, copywriter, blogger, and blogging coach. All this she does while working full-time for another organisation. We asked her how she is able to manage everything so perfectly and just loved her response. She said she is never wasting her time and all it takes is just 30 minutes of her day to work on her side hustle.

She brainstorms ideas and listens to TED talks while she is working and keeps writing everything that seems like a content idea. It’s when she gets off work that she dedicates 30 to 60 minutes of her time to her side hustles.

Current Revenue

Currently, Prathiba is working for just 30 minutes a day on her side hustles and making at least INR 50,000 a month. But she is certain that if she is able to dedicate more time or convert her side hustles into a full-time thing, she’ll be able to make way more than this.

Experience With HPA

Of course, we had to ask her about her experience with HPA. Prathiba said she loved her experience with Hustlepost Academy and considers it a factor that helped her achieve success in her side hustles. She specifically mentioned that the HPA community is extremely supportive and we had to agree. Our students are very supportive of each other and no matter what question you ask they’ll neither judge nor say no to helping fellow hustlers.

We are glad Prathiba is one of our students and we use her as an example who is able to monetize her every passion and not just that, she is a blogger who is not only earning through her blog but also teaching others how to do the same.

Final Words

Finally, one thing that Prathiba said and we would want to share with y’all as a piece of advice is that don’t work on your side hustle for more than an hour, especially if you are already working full-time. You don’t have to hustle at all to make money through your side hustle.

And secondly, don’t focus on money, it’s an end product, focus on enjoying what you’re doing and keep learning. Invest your time in learning. Instead of watching a 55-minute episode of a TV series you can watch a YouTube video that will help you learn something. We agree.

Entertainment is important and so is learning. So if you wish to make money, slightly shift your focus from just entertainment to learning something along with that. You can learn everything Prathiba is doing today through the how to start and grow your online business course offered by Hustlepost Academy. Everything you wish to learn is available here. From content writing to bogging, virtual assistance, and even YouTubing.

Your passion can be your


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