From Taking a Break to Making INR 80,000 by Working 2 Hours a Day, Read How Roshni Managed to Start a Business With No Prior Experience

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As a mother, Roshni decided to leave her job but for someone who is used to working, staying away from work is not an option that lasts for long. Soon, she was ready to step into working again and after trying to work in the corporate world again, she decided to do something that would give her freedom to be with her child and work on her own terms, from home.
Roshni Sammohi
Online Business Manager and Copywriter

Life Before Joining HPA

Roshni says she is an engineer by chance. She worked as a data analyst for more than 5 years and after having a child, decided to take a sabbatical. She tried rejoining the corporate sector but it isn’t easy to manage work and life as a mother. Only women who have experienced this and tried to make it work know how much they have to adjust, compromise, and sacrifice to be good at both jobs.

Roshni decided to leave her job to be more available for her child and soon there was a countrywide lockdown. This lockdown and break from work gave her ample time to decide what she wanted from her career and introduced her to our newly launched Hustlepost Academy.

From Data Analyst to Online Business Manager

Roshni, as a full-time employee, worked as a data analyst but when it came to freelancing and offering services, she decided to go for copywriting. It was her sister who pushed her into pursuing this passion of hers and it worked out really well for her.

Roshni started with copywriting and then decided to try out something new and different. She started working as an online business manager.

An online business manager is a relatively new and promising career profile. As an online business manager, one gets to plan, analyse, and strategise everything for an organisation virtually. The job role gives you all the freedom you want and pays you more than a full-time job for significantly less number of hours.

Experience With HPA

After joining Hustlepost Academy, Roshni decided to monetise her writing skills and started working accordingly. She started cold pitching, as was suggested in the course but it didn’t work in her favour. Of course, she felt demotivated but she didn’t give up and decided to build a personal brand. Followed strategies that were taught in the HPA course and she didn’t have to reach out to potential clients for work. She started getting inbound leads and there was no going back.

It was with the help of modules and constant support from her personal coach and Saloni that she was able to achieve success in such a short span of time.

It takes hard work, determination, and guidance to actualise a goal and we are glad Roshni had the determination and patience to work hard and ask questions to make sure she was on the right track and not stuck for long at any step in the process.

Current Revenue and Future Plans

Roshni is working as an online business manager and a copywriter, and she dedicates only 2 to 3 hours of her day to her work. And by putting that much time she is able to generate more than INR 80,000 every month.

Her future plan is to start her own OBM agency and hire like-minded people under her. She not only wishes to expand her business but even offer employment opportunities to people who may not be experienced or skilled for the job but are ready to learn and grow. We wish her nothing but success.

Parting Words

There are times when resuming work after taking a long break can be difficult. And for some, the restricting 9 to 5 job can seem daunting. Whatever your reason be, you can always choose your freedom and money over working for someone else for “stable salary”. It may seem a little scary at first but after you start treating your side hustle like your business and prioritise working on it every day, it won’t take much time to get the same or better stability and freedom from your own business.

You just need to start on the right foot, and for that, we have HustlePost Academy in your service. Just sign up, go through the modules one by one, do the tasks as advised in the course, reach out to your coach and mentor for help and doubt, and see how your side hustle grows from nothing to a multiple six-figure generating business.

What are you waiting for? Go through the course and see for yourself how promising and informative it is.

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