Gunjan Is Earning INR 50,000 Every Month While Maintaining a Balance Between Her Business and Family

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Gunjan is a mother, a wife, and a successful entrepreneur. Juggling between her job and family, she landed at the Hustlepost Academy, and everything entirely changed for her. Today, she is making more than INR 50,000 every single month without giving up on her family time.
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Life Before Joining HPA

Before joining Hustlepost Academy, Gunjan was working as a nutritionist for the past 13 years with organisations. She has pursued her bachelor’s and master’s in nutrition and dietetics and she, as a science student, was just focused on only the science part of her career. Probably one of the reasons why she never thought about starting her own business until she joined Hustlepost Academy.

Managing Time as a Mompreneur

Working on your business and managing everything on your own, when you have a 4 years old child is extremely difficult. We asked Gunjan how she was dealing with stress and how she was able to manage and give time to everything. Her reply was actually better than we expected. As a mother, she understands the importance of spending quality time with her daughter, and not just that, she is able to give her best to her family as well.

Her secret is that she has a fixed time slot for planning on weekends. She plans her entire week on a Sunday and is good to go with the schedule that lets her manage time as a mompreneur.

Gunjan says, “Having hours devoted to your family and your work life is very important because at the end of the week you should not have guilt.”

The Role of HPA in Your Success

Gunjan has been an amazing nutritionist, all she required was marketing skills to market herself and her abilities as a nutritionist to reach out to potential clients that would pay her directly for her services.

For a salaried person, this is what the main reason behind becoming an entrepreneur is. You can earn way more than the salary you get without putting in any extra effort, except initially of course. When you can earn more as an entrepreneur for the same work and number of hours, sticking to a salary just because it seems stable is senseless.

For the marketing skills and using social media in her favour, Hustlepost Academy came into play. She took the “how to start and grow your business” course and executed everything that was taught in the modules. It had to work for her, she was determined and did everything that was required.

Today she is successfully running a business that is completely online and is dealing with both Indian as well as international clients.

Current Revenue and Future Plans

Currently, Gunjan is making somewhere between INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 every month. Yes, she was able to cross the “1 lac a month” milestone a few times. But there is still a long way to go. She is currently running the business all by herself but intends to hire nutritionists and delegate the work.

The future plan is to delegate everything so that she can expand and focus on other things that will help her upscale her business to another level so that she can experience working as a corporate nutritionist.

Parting Words

Finally, we asked Gunjan to say a few words for our potential students who would want to be successful like her but are skeptical about joining Hustlepost Academy.

She suggests taking the step and grabbing the opportunity to join Hustlepost Academy. We loved when Gunjan said that she is happy with her work and that is what makes her a happy mother, daughter, and wife. We absolutely agree with her statement that it’s a goal to wake up on a Monday morning and look forward happily to the week and it is only possible when you are working on something you like. And we were honoured when she added that HPA helps you actualise that goal.

If you too wish to start your own business, we highly recommend joining the Hustlepost Academy. We are not only providing you classes but giving you the secret sauce that has helped so many newbies make 50k a month within a few months. In addition to that, we give you a community that is supportive, helpful, wise, and everything nice.

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