Working as a Virtual Assistant, Here’s How Pravallika Is Making INR 50,000 From Her Side Hustle

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While managing a full time job in the finance industry, the industry known to have the most stressful job responsibilities, Pravallika has been able to not just start but successfully grow a side hustle that is making INR 50,000 every month. As difficult as it may sound, she has been managing the two streams of income pretty well and we believe you can too. But before getting into that, let’s first see how she is doing everything so perfectly.
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Life Before Joining HPA

Pravallika completed her MBA and is working as a portfolio risk analyst. Like a lot of us, she too was introduced to Saloni through YouTube and was hooked by the type of content Saloni was posting. A lot of us, who are today a part of Hustlepost Academy, can relate to Pravallika’s first encounter with Saloni and her content.

Pravallike started following Saloni and when Saloni uploaded a video on side hustles, she, out of curiosity decided to research about it and started learning more about virtual assistance as a side hustle.

The Journey of Starting a Side Hustle

Investing in Hustlepost Academy’s course was one of the wisest decisions, believes Pravallika. She made the investment and started doing everything once she learnt about it through the academy. The execution was a little delayed because of her full time job but still she was able to make it and hence is here, with a successful side hustle that has not only made her an entrepreneur but is making her INR 50,000 on side without giving up on the primary job and life.

Before becoming a virtual assistant, Pravallika was an introvert who would dread talking to people she knew. Today she deals with clients from all over the world and is able to not just talk but make her work do the talking for her as well.

Managing a Side Hustle With a Full Time Job

Pravallika is successfully making around INR 50,000 every month only through her side hustle. And she aims to work with selected clients who are willing to hire her for the long term. And she is doing all this by devoting only 3 to 4 hours of her day.

She is able to not only work on her full time job and her side hustle but also spend quality time with her family and pet while generating these kind of revenues. Of course she can upscale her side hustle and choose to put more hours of make it a full time thing if she wants to but even if she keeps it this way it is working out well for her.

And this is exactly how side hustling should feel like. Managing a full time job and a side hustle is not that difficult, unless consistently investing at least one hour of your day to make INR 50,000 sounds like a nightmare.

The Learning Experience With Hustlepost Academy

Pravallika mentions that she found the course “value packed” and that is exactly what we aspire to provide our students with, value. Every course, every module is packed with information that is going to help you grow your side hustle. And then there is Saloni, your mentor to help you at every step. Pravallika was one of the students who would reach out to Saloni through email every time she would feel stuck and she wouldn’t hesitate from reaching out to the Hustlepost community for help either.

If Hustlepost Academy has contributed to her success, it is only because Pravallika was dedicated towards her goal and learned through her journey.

Parting Words

Starting a side hustle and growing it into a business is not as daunting as it sounds initially. That is what we teach at Hustlepost Academy. And we are glad none of our students had to struggle to reach the INR 50,000 a month goal. If you would like to make that kind of income through your side hustle, take the “how to start and grow your side hustle” course and you won’t have to invest anywhere else. The course teaches everything from the basics to the advance, you just need to follow the instructions and be consistent.

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