Who Said You Can’t Turn Your Full Time Job Into a Freelance Business?

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From working in the corporate sector as a web developer to learning website designing and starting her freelance business, here’s a glimpse of Suvita Sangle’s freelance journey that is nothing short of an inspiration for aspiring developers and freelancers.
Suvita Sangle
Website Designer and Developer
Student Success

Life Before Joining HPA

Before joining Hustlepost Academy, Suvita was working full time as an employee and used to do freelance on side sometimes. As a corporate employee, you sometimes start hating doing something you like. It’s not because you get fed up or bored of the work you were once passionate about, you feel restricted, the tasks are repetitive, and you are bound to work according to someone else’s time and expectations. That is exactly what leads to burnouts and affects your interest in the work.

That is exactly what happened with Suvita and to get over this phase she decided to join Hustlepost Academy and expand her freelancing career.

Highs and Lows of Working as a Freelancer

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise is that freelancing is not just about the services you provide it is also about you as a freelancer. Your personal brand matters. And this is what Suvita realised in the beginning. Suvita tells she never imagined she would be getting clients from Instagram but because she attentively listened to and followed everything that was mentioned in the foundation course of the Hustlepost Academy, she was able to get a number of clients from Instagram alone.

By building her personal brand and improving and expanding services on the go, she was able to work in a number of industries and has designed websites for brands, virtual assistance, coaches, and stores as well.

Because she is working on her own terms and exploring projects she feels excited about, working for longer hours doesn’t feel exhausting. And it is never about working hours, when you are working on your own business, you tend to enjoy it even if you have to put more hours than your full time job.

The pain points of freelancing, according to her, are that she is not able to complete projects sometimes on time because of the delay from the client’s end. Secondly, she chooses to work for less price because she feels like she should be helping aspiring entrepreneurs who can’t afford highly priced website developers.

We honestly don’t think this is a pain point, as an aspiring entrepreneur herself, Suvita feels what others must be going through and offers her help. If anything, this is her helpful nature and heart in the right place. We are lucky to have such people in our academy who would priortise helping others over earning more.

Experience With HPA

Suvita says that it was because of HPA that she got to know the importance of personal branding and social media for any and every sort of business plan. She also adds that with Saloni answering all of her doubts she felt like she was getting everything fed to her and it saved her at least 50% of her time because instead of trying and experimenting for months to find out if something would work for her, she just had to implement what Saloni would tell her and this would make her task so much easier.

She would come every week with a bunch of questions and spend the rest of her week learning, improving, and implementing the solutions Saloni would provide her.

All in all, she got benefited from the mentor-mentee relationship she shared with Saloni.

Current Revenue and Future Plans

Currently, Suvita is generating around INR 30,000 to INR 60,000 every month. But with her future plans, she is quite sure that she will be able to start generating INR 1 lac within a year. She plans to start her digital marketing agency so that she can offer services under one roof and help her clients have everything they need, sorted in one place. She also looks forward to starting her YouTube channel where she can teach the technical stuff of becoming a website designer and developer to aspiring people.

Parting Words

We believe Suvita is a person people can look up to when they think they can’t turn their full-time job into a business. She is doing the same thing she used to do for someone else and is far more content with her performance, income, and work experience. Isn’t this exactly what we all want?

If you do, you can achieve similar goals as Suvita by just joining HPA. Get every information you need to start and grow your business online. The academy provides you with the roadmap, you just need to follow it. What more can you ask for?

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