5 Things Successful Women Do on Fridays to Beat the Sunday Scaries

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Sunday scaries are a genuine concern for almost everyone, students, employees, and even entrepreneurs. In fact, even someone who loves Mondays and the idea of going back to work experiences Sunday scaries more often than expected. But some people have cracked the code to beat the Sunday scaries and be prepared for the next week. Their routine starts on Friday itself, giving them enough time to enjoy the weekend and make peace with the following week.

Here are 5 things that successful women do on Fridays to beat the Sunday scaries and you can too:

They Wrap Up the Work Properly

Completing tasks for the week and leaving the rest for the next week is not all. One needs to properly wrap up the week and make sure they have done everything that was required so that they can start their weekend with a clear mind.

This is what successful women are doing. They assign the unfinished task to the next week, check their emails, respond to the important texts and emails, and make sure everything that was supposed to be done by the end of the week is completed, monitored, recorded, and reported. 

This way they will not have to think about anything related to work on the weekend. Moreover, this also ensures that they can start the next week without stressing about the previous week’s work.

They Plan for the Next Week Beforehand

One thing that helps one slide smoothly into the next week is planning the week beforehand. And doing this on Friday makes absolute sense. While reassigning the unfinished work, one can easily schedule work for the next week. That is exactly what successful women make sure they do. 

They don’t start their week with least to no idea about what to do, they have everything planned already.

Not to mention, planning things on Friday helps include everything that was planned and discussed that week, whereas, on Monday, one may forget a few things because of the little break they got in between.


They Prioritise Family and ‘Me’ Time

After wrapping up the work, they prioritise their family and personal time. That is exactly what weekends are meant for, for you and your loved ones. Successful women acknowledge this and make sure they are dedicating their weekend and Friday night to their loved ones and themselves. 

This is important because spending time with your loved ones helps you relax better and get over the work stress. For people who live alone or prefer spending time alone, prioritising their personal time and doing activities they love and enjoy on a Friday can help them get ready for the weekend and it shall make the weekend seem long as well, which will result in less Sunday scaries.

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They Stick to the ‘No Work on Weekend’ Policy

Every successful woman follows a strict rule of not working on the weekend. This is called maintaining a work-life balance. Surprisingly, not working on weekends, and maintaining a work-life balance can actually accelerate success. Probably one of the reasons why people who work for fewer hours are more successful than people who are known to work overtime all the time.

Weekends are supposed to be a break. 

You may not go anywhere but you need to use this time to completely get over the work so that you can start fresh from the following Monday and work with a fresh, clear mind. And for that fresh, clear mind, you need to avoid working on weekends so that you can completely focus on yourself and things that matter to you, other than work of course.

Undoubtedly, this is not the same as working on your side hustle on a weekend. Your side hustle, especially if it is in the initial stages, is not much different from a hobby or passion, and spending time on a hobby during a weekend is not only okay but important.

They Don’t Change Their Morning and Evening Routine

One of the reasons why people experience Sunday scaries is that they are not ready to wake up in the morning. Even after 3 nights and 2 days, they are tired and sleepy. This happens because people change their morning and evening routines on the weekends. 

They wake up late and sleep late, they don’t follow the routines and after 2 days going back to the same routine sounds a little scary.

Successful women are not making this mistake. They wake up at a similar, if not the same, time in the morning and sleep at the same time they normally do on weekdays. They religiously follow their routines no matter what day it is. This way they don’t experience a huge change, even if it is for just 2 days. For them, weekends are the same as weekdays except instead of working, they work on themselves.

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Parting Words

Weekends start on Fridays and so does the following week. By simply acknowledging this and having a routine that will help you be stress-free on the weekend, you can easily beat the Sunday scaries. And not just that, you can improve your work-life balance, and ensure better workflow the following week.

However, enjoying the weekend and being stress-free does not mean you can spend the weekend in your bed. As aforementioned, working on your side hustle on weekends is important, this is your sign to start your side hustle and dedicate your weekends to it, along with your family and yourself. Having a side hustle can significantly help you both financially and mentally.

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