10 Qualities Of A Great Life Coach

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Anyone can become a life coach but becoming a great life coach definitely requires you to work on your skills.

A life coach helps their clients work and improve their career and personal life by adopting certain strategies and techniques. Every client has a different struggle and different expectations from a life coach. A great life coach makes sure that every client, regardless of their different situations, gets the best support so that they can transform their lives easily, for their good.

To do that, of course, a coach requires certain skills and qualities that help them stand out and stand strong.

Here are 10 qualities that every great life coach has and should have.

Professional Communication Skills

A coach requires professional communication skills. Although it is a prerequisite, only great coaches possess them. They know how to talk to their clients in a professional manner so that the client feels comfortable and free to share their concerns and life situations honestly. 

At every point, a good life coach will exhibit professionalism and will stay true to their profession and responsibilities. They will know how to communicate professionally as well. They will ask the right questions that are relevant to the services they are providing and make sure that their client is able to understand everything they are saying as well.

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Excellent Listening Skills

A good life coach will never tell a client what they need to do until the client is done sharing whatever they wish to share. One of the great qualities of a life coach is that they have amazing listening skills and they listen to everything the client has to say before jumping into the speaker’s seat.

And, it is not about sitting quietly, they will be attentively listening and responding back to the client, without stating anything.

Great Observers

As a life coach, it is also important to have good observation skills. One can notice how their client is feeling through their body language and to notice that one needs to be a great observer. A great coach will observe everything relevant to the client and the services they are offering.

For instance, if a client needs help with their career, the coach should be able to observe the lack of confidence in the client and while helping them with their career, they should take confidence into consideration as well.

Honest and Trustworthy

A person shares everything with a coach that they may not have shared with anyone else. At this point, a great life coach will be trustworthy and the client will get this idea through their communication skills and professionalism. Moreover, a great life coach will be honest with their clients at all times. Nonetheless, being honest does not mean being unprofessional or rude.


As aforementioned, a client will be sharing everything with the coach so they would expect their coach to be non-judgmental and that is what a great life coach will be, non-judgmental.

As a life coach, one will be catering to diverse people with diverse concerns. Judgement is the last thing they want. A good life coach will never judge their clients no matter what and will be open to every possibility.


A good coach will be supportive of their clients at every step in the session as well as their transformational journey. It is not easy to reach out for help, share your problems, and then follow the advice to be better. At every stage, one will require constant support. And a great life coach will make sure that they are being supportive toward their clients.

Understands the Needs of the Client

Even if two clients have the same issues, their needs and requirements can be different. A good, skilled coach will not make two different clients work on their issues in the same way. They will understand the needs of each client and customise their strategies accordingly.

Respects Their Clients' Boundaries

A good life coach will not push their clients beyond their extreme limits. Of course, transformation and betterment require one to step out of their comfort zone but that does not mean one has to push themselves beyond their boundaries.

Participates in the Process

While a life coach can share the strategy with the client and let the client work on their transformation all by themselves, one of the great qualities of a good coach is that they will participate along with the client in the process and will be there with them at every step to make sure that the client is following everything as suggested without pushing themselves too much.

Easily Approachable

A great life coach will be easily approachable. A client will not have to wait for days to get a reply back, and nor will they have to hesitate while consulting them in the future. Their approachability will be reflected in their personality, communication skills, professionalism, and work ethics.

Parting Words

Becoming a great life coach is not difficult. You must be true to your profession and acquire skills from the best sources possible. There are several institutes, both offline and online, that offer coaching courses and certification, make sure you get your certification from the best institute and learn everything that is required. 

You will also have to enhance your business and marketing skills, along with your qualities and skills, which will make sure that you attract the right clients and ensure they stick to your services. For that, we have a course for you.

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