5 Reasons Why Working From a Cafe Can Boost Your Productivity as a Side Hustler

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Try working from home and a coffee shop and you will know how different the experiences are. Despite having the exact same freedom, you will find working from home unproductive.
There are a lot of people who haven’t tried working from a cafe. They believe that getting ready and leaving home to work from a coffee shop doesn’t make enough sense. Especially when you can stay at home in your comfy pyjamas and work. If you fall into this category, this article is for you.
Here are 5 reasons why working from a cafe can boost your productivity. Especially if you are a freelancer or a side hustler.

There are Fewer Distractions

This may sound a little weird but distractions do not have to mean people and objects. When you are at home, household chores, your phone, and your family are distractions. When you are working from a cafe, nobody is talking to you. There is music, the sound of the machine, and people coming in, talking, and working. But you are least likely to get distracted by any of that. If anything, these known as white noises, play a role in boosting productivity.

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The Environment Is Work Friendly

Cafes, unlike restaurants, are less crowded. There are no kids, families, or events of sorts. People come to have coffee in silence, read, work, or on a date. The environment is work friendly. The noise of machines and light music playing in the background boosts productivity. There are websites that allow you to play similar noises on your laptop while you are working from home. You are getting all that naturally, in its truest sense, when you are working from a cafe. Of course, the experience is going to be a lot better.

You Are Conscious In a Positive Way

You are sitting outside your home, you know there are people around you so you will be a little conscious. But not in a negative way. You have your laptop or notebook with you, you are conscious and you are working. You are going to experience an improvement in the way you work.

You will be more focused, fast, and creative than you are when you are working from home. When you are alone and working from home, you are least bothered about what you are doing. You may end up sitting in front of your laptop without typing a single word for hours and nobody is there to see you. When you are in a cafe, you are away from that kind of freedom, the freedom that makes you procrastinate.

When You Leave Your Home for Work, You Work

It is like going to an office. Except you don’t have to deal with restrictions, office politics, and colleagues interfering. You have freedom and peace because you are your own boss.

When you leave home from work, your main focus is to complete the task at hand. You don’t have to cook, clean, or look after your family. And you will be surprised to see how less interested you are in checking your phone and social media as well. Working from a cafe is easier because you leave your place with the intention to work.

The Seating Arrangement Has a Lot to do With Productivity

When you are working from home, you can work in bed. Even if you have a table and chair, your chances of sliding back into your bed are high. Moreover, leaving your desk to find something to eat or cook is easy as well. When you are sitting in a cafe you don’t have any such facilities. The most you are going to do is stand up to place and pick up your order or use the washroom. Other than this, you will be sitting at your table, with your laptop in front of you and no one to talk to. You are going to get lost in your laptop and work.

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Parting Words

Working from home is amazing but there is a reason why people prefer working from anywhere. If you are working on your side hustle, working from a cafe makes so much sense. Because once you are back in your bedroom, your chances of leaving your bed are pretty slim.

If you are working full-time and wish to start a side hustle, don’t think you will have to compromise on your sleep hours. None of this is true. The most you will be giving to your side hustle is one hour of your dedication. That is it. If you think this isn’t true, you should see how Hustlepost Academy students have been doing the same. They have accomplished their goals by investing only 2-3 hours in their side hustle.

If you too wish to do the same, check out this course on how to start and grow your side hustle. The course teaches you everything that you need and gives you much more than the study material.

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