5 Ways to Find Your YouTube Niche In 2024

how to find youtube niche, ways to find youtube niche in 2024

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Wish to start your YouTube channel but don’t know where to start? Well, you are supposed to select a YouTube niche, to begin with. But how do we select a YouTube niche in 2024 that works well for us in every way possible? Here’s how.

Enlist Topics You Are Passionate About

When you are signing yourself up for something that will require you to talk about a specific topic or niche at least once a week, you need to have some interest in that topic. Because otherwise, you will either get bored or find yourself stuck in something that you no longer enjoy

Career and side hustle like YouTubing require considerable interest and passion. It’s only when you love your work, you are going to produce quality work. Otherwise, it is going to reflect from your content that you are not interested and hence not completely invested.

So, before considering anything about niches, enlist a few topics and niches that you like and find intriguing. You can list as many as you want here because after this, with every point mentioned below, the list will get shrunk.

Some common niches people are passionate about include:

  1. Fashion
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Makeup
  4. Skincare
  5. Routines
  6. Productivity
  7. Finance
  8. Technology
  9. Unboxing
  10. Social media
  11. Marketing
  12. Education
  13. Politics
  14. Traveling
  15. Painting
  16. Reading
  17. Entrepreneurship
  18. Cooking
  19. Dancing
  20. Vines and Comedy

Shortlist YouTube Niches That Are Trending

From the list of niches you are passionate about, shortlist the topics that are in trend and people love watching.

For this, you will have to conduct intense research. You cannot simply assume that a topic that you think is trending is actually trending. Like, say, skincare. Of course, people like you and me love watching skincare videos every now and then but it may not be as trending as we believe it is.

So, consider researching niches that are trending and will be in trend for a considerable time. Like, cryptocurrency.

Pick Niches That Are Relatively New

Niches that are trending and relatively new can help you get better engagement because they will not be covered by everyone.

With less content posted, your chances of reaching out to the audience that is curious to learn increase. And this can help you build an audience easily and comparatively fastly than if you consider making content on generic niches that are not in trend per se.

For instance, people these days wish to learn about NFTs and the content posted is limited when compared to general finance.

This also means that niching down within the niche can also help you follow the trends and create content that will get more engagement.

See Which Niche Has Higher Profit Margin

Now we are getting into the technicalities of YouTube. Fasten your seatbelts guys!

I know you have been told that YouTubers get paid on the basis of the number of views they get.

Let me tell you there is a lot that goes behind this “payment” scene.

So, not only the number of views but the location, gender, country, and age group of your audience have a significant influence on your YouTube income. That means depending on your YouTube niche, the kind of audience you attract will decide how much profit you will make from the number of views you get.

Let me explain this with a simple example. A YouTuber who targets US women in the age group 18 to 50 will make comparatively more money than a YouTuber whose audience is primarily Indian men, even if the number of views they get is exactly the same.

Choose a YouTube Niche That Has a Wide Range of Content

This has to be the last but most important thing that you need to consider. Your YouTube niche should have enough content so that you don’t exhaust the whole niche within just 15-20 videos. It should be niched down yet broad enough that you can continue making content in the long run.

What you can do here is pick up a broad niche, let’s say finance, and niche it down to say NFTs because they are trending. Now if someday you get out of content with NFTs as your main niche, what you can do is focus on the topic that takes over NFT, or else, you can pick a topic within the finance niche that is closely related to NFT and start covering that.

But what’s better than doing this is simply picking a niche that has enough content for you can cover.

Parting Words

Selecting a niche for your YouTube channel in 2024 is basically making a list of topics that intrigue you and then niching down to one or two topics by keeping in mind the technicalities that are involved in content creation, social media, algorithm, trends, and market. In the end, what you will be left with is a niche that is something you like and can post content on without fail.

If you wish to become a successful Youtuber, you need to understand that everything is not just about content and niche. 

There is a lot more that needs to be taken care of apart from planning, recording, editing, and posting. And to understand the same and make the best out of this information, it is better if you take up a course that can introduce you to the basics of YouTubing and promise you success as a YouTuber. Here is a course by Hustlepost Academy called Confident YouTubers’ Program that can help you out.in

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