5 Essential Differences between Executive Assistants and Virtual Assistants

Differences between Executive Assistants and Virtual Assistants

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The role of a virtual assistant is not new. But people confuse the role and responsibilities of executive assistants and virtual assistants. They believe that both the designations are the same, except for the work setting. And then there are some people who believe it is completely different.

Here are 5 essential differences between an executive assistant and a virtual assistant. This will help you understand and decide which role will work best for you.

Virtual Assistance

Full Time vs Freelance Work Setting

Executive assistants work from the office. It is their full-time job to assist the client they are working with. They manage their calendar, schedule meetings, take messages, and prioritise tasks for them. They are like gatekeepers for the manager. Anything the manager needs to do first gets through an executive assistant. The assistant then prioritises and schedules the task.

Virtual assistants, on the other hand, work remotely. As the name suggests, they are “virtual” assistants. So they can work as a freelancer, from anywhere around the globe.

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Their work is somewhat like that of an executive assistant. They too are responsible for scheduling, managing, and prioritizing tasks for the day. But it is actually a lot different as well.

A virtual assistant is nothing less than a right hand for their client. They curate the schedule for the day, week, or month for their client and make a lot of decisions on their behalf. Not just that, but their work is not restricted to assisting. A virtual assistant handles several activities that don’t necessarily fall under management. For instance, a client can ask their virtual assistant to write content or draft an email for them. They can ask them to research for them or create a design as well.

You get to learn and explore a lot as a virtual assistant.

The role of an executive assistant does not include any such work. They are solely responsible for managing the work of the client. They are more like an instruction follower than decision-makers.


Skills Required

The skills required to be a virtual assistant are more complicated. Because they are responsible for more work. They are responsible for time management, problem-solving, decision-making, and much more. A virtual assistant has to be a good learner and a perfect fit for the business their client is running.

An executive assistant is good to go with general management and assisting skills. They will not have to do anything more than their role asks for.

Number of Clients

The role of a virtual assistant is not full-time. It is more of a part-time job and they can get more than one client on board with them. An executive assistant works full-time for one client. The job of an executive assistant is long-term and contract-based. They are usually hired by managers who want someone permanent to handle their work for the long term.

A virtual assistant can be hired for the short as well as long terms. There are no restrictions or rules about who or how many clients they can work with.

Earning Potential

Because a virtual assistant can have many clients, the earning potential multiplies. Even if one client pays less, a virtual assistant can get more clients and increase their income in no time.

A virtual assistant does not have to dedicate their whole day to one client. So it is not difficult for them to work with multiple clients.

Parting Words

Now you know how different yet similar virtual assistants and executive assistants are. It is time for you to decide which sounds more like your thing.

Given the benefits and freedom of working as a virtual assistant, this role should be your call. 

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