An Ultimate Fresher’s Guide: Skills You Need Before You Start Working

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We all know how difficult it is to secure a job as a fresher. With people holding experience of more than a decade looking for a job change, impressing a recruiter as a fresher can get a little overwhelming but you don’t need to lose hope. You can get your dream job easily, provided you are prepared for the role and responsibilities even without any experience in hand.

Here are a few skills that a fresher should possess and mention in their resume, irrespective of the field or industry they intend to work in.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important skills that every individual needs to have. Freshers, experienced, employees, employers, solopreneurs, freelancers, name any career option that you know, time management is a skill that will be required to make your work and career successful.

Time management includes everything from scheduling everything for oneself, prioritizing important tasks, and dedicating a specific amount of time to a certain task to completing and submitting projects and work on time, being punctual, and delegating tasks appropriately.

A lot of people assume time management is just to maintain a work-life balance but that isn’t the case. You need to manage your time even during office hours so that you work efficiently, don’t exhaust yourself, complete everything before the deadline, and don’t waste your time on less important things.

Problem Solving

We are repeatedly reminded that now is the time to work smart and not hard. There is an obvious way of doing something and an efficient way of doing the same thing. Your problem-solving skills help you figure out which way of dealing with a certain situation is better and more effective.

As an employee, you will be working within teams and there will be times when seniors will ask you for suggestions and opinions. For that, you must have decent problem-solving skills so that you can identify problems, find possible solutions, and evaluate which solution would work best for the situation.

Even if you are working on your own, problem-solving skills will be required to make sure your venture is successful.


Nobody needs to be introduced to the importance of communication skills. From attentively listening to giving opinions, sharing views, asking for help, writing emails, and giving or receiving feedback appropriately, effective communication skills play a significant role in maintaining a professional relationship and image in the workplace.

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When one enters the workplace, they are expected to communicate as professionally as one can imagine. And the communication isn’t limited to just talking to your manager or colleague but writing emails, acknowledging texts in the group, actively participating in the discussions, and asking questions to understand everything better. In order to do everything perfectly, one needs to sound confident, respectful, and polite at all times during the conversation. This is what communication skills basically involve, effective writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Even if you are working as a solopreneur or freelancer, you will be required to deal with clients and that’s where communication skills will be required.

Leadership Qualities

Even if your role and responsibilities don’t really require you to work as a leader, one should still have leadership qualities as they help in working efficiently and effectively within a team. leadership skills include communicating with team members and seniors appropriately, taking initiative and responsibility for tasks and projects that intrigue you, helping and motivating team members, and sharing feedback in a positive, non-offensive way with team members wherever required.

Leadership qualities help an individual grow and get better in an organization. It enhances professionalism and builds better relationships with team members and even with seniors. Again, for solopreneurs leadership qualities can augment the quality of work and effort they and their employees put into the project and strengthen their relationships with the clients as well.

Team Work

Working in a team is not as easy as it seems or is told. A lot of people find it extremely difficult to work in a team. Mostly because of the competition within the team. But this is something you can’t run away from. Not at least if you are working as an employee in a good, large-scale organization.

Even if you are a solopreneur or a freelancer, you will probably have to hire people under you in the long run, once your business starts growing. And even though you believe they are under you, there will always be times when you will be working as a team.

Teamwork as a soft skill is absolutely essential for everyone. We all are dependent on each other and even if you can, you should not try to do everything on your own. Teamwork, as a skill, is somewhat similar to leadership skills except here you all work as a team at the same level and instead of helping each other out, you will probably be collaborating.

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Learning and Flexibility

Even if you are very experienced, this is something that you should always have in you. You should always be open to learning and flexible and adaptable to new environments. For a fresher, these skills are extremely important because when you get out of college and enter the workplace environment, the first thing you realize is that the work environment, the role responsibilities, people, and everything about the workplace is completely different from what we expected.

Most of the time, our work is entirely different from what we have studied as well, and you don’t have to change fields to experience this. Every industry, company, organization, brand, and team setting has its own way of running its work and business. So, you will be required to adjust, adapt, and be flexible and open to learning at all times.

Similarly, when you are a boss, freelancer, or solopreneur, you need to keep yourself updated to ensure you and your team are working efficiently and your business is updated according to the market as well.

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Parting Words

We all may have very different views regarding business, employment, and working altogether but as someone who wishes to make a decent income, we are all required to have a similar set of skills. So, if your goal is to work in a multinational company or to start your own business, you should consider acquiring the aforementioned skills to make sure you are able to start your career on a better note.

Along with this, one needs to acknowledge the importance of side hustle in this time and era. So, if you aspire to be a business owner or you wish to have a second stream of income while working for your dream organisation, it is recommended that you further invest some time into learning how to start and grow your business, especially after COVID.

Now that the market is packed with entrepreneurs and freelancers, making space for yourself and building a business or side hustle that stands out and grows is considerably difficult. Pursuing a course on how to start and grow your online business can give you the blueprint and prepare you for the market appropriately so that you know what exactly to do, in order to succeed.

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