How to Effectively Use and Earn Money Using Pinterest?

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Ever came across content that suggests you can earn money using Pinterest? Well, here is how you can do it.

Pinterest has been a part of our lives for quite some time now. From exploring clothing and room decor inspirations to finding solutions for our everyday concerns, we have been creating boards and pinning ideas we like and would like to try.

But have you ever noticed that the pins you have saved in your boards lead to a website or store? A website that can be someone’s blog too. That means people are getting traffic from Pinterest which points out that Pinterest can be used for more than just getting inspiration.

How to Earn Money Using Pinterest?

You can become a Pinterest expert and offer Pinterest marketing services to organisations and individuals. But in this article, we are going to discuss the easier way of earning money with Pinterest. If you are a business owner or a blogger, this is how you can earn money using Pinterest.

Just like you are always looking for something on Pinterest, uncountable people are searching for content that is directly related to your business or blog.

How does that benefit you?

You have an audience waiting for you to post pins on Pinterest and link your content so that they can check it out.

Using Pinterest to promote your business or blog can generate more traffic. This traffic will either buy your product or increase your views. Either way, you will be getting monetary profits.

Sounds rewarding? Here’s how you can start.

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Have a Business Account

To begin with, create a business account on Pinterest. If you are happy with your already existing account, you can switch it to a business account as well. Switching to a business account will increase your chances of reaching your potential audience and let you have an insight into your account.

Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins is a feature with which Pinterest highlights the heading of your pin and also gives an insight into your blog or whatever you have linked to that pin. You can use plugins in your website or WordPress blog to enable rich pins or you can even do that manually. Using plugins is a relatively easier way out.

Use Your Keyword in Your Account Name

Here comes SEO. when you are working online, SEO will never leave your side. Using your keyword or business name and idea in your account name will help your audience find you.

That means instead of having your account name as “Saloni Srivastava” or “Hustlepost Academy” you should consider naming your account as “Saloni Srivastava – Lifestyle YouTuber” or “Hustlepost Academy – Earn Money Online”.

People may not be directly searching for your name but the keyword you have in your name. And because of that keyword, they will find you and your content.

Create Optimised Boards and Pins

It’s time to create boards and pins. Again, for boards try to choose names closely related to your blog and keyword. Research and find what are the most searched keywords in your niche and target them.

For pins, create beautiful, pleasing and unique pins that clearly describe your blog or what people can expect from the link you will be adding. Build curiosity and give information that will make the audience want to pin and open your post.

Use every information you have regarding customer behaviour, from the psychology of colour to adding information your audience is looking for.

Strategise How You Intend to Use Pinterest

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to create a strategy. Just like any other social media platform, you can’t post whenever you want and disappear when you don’t have content. You need to be consistent to get consistent results.

Create a strategy, create pins in bulk, and schedule posts so that you don’t have to feel restricted. There is a lot that goes behind posting on Pinterest as well. To begin with, what to post, in which board, and at what time are a few basic things you need to figure out.

Optimise Your Content According to SEO

From using the title in your pin (even if it doesn’t affect SEO, it attracts an audience) to using keywords in the heading and description of the pin, everything should be optimised effectively.

Make sure that the information you mention on the pin is relevant to the post or page you will be linking. Pinterest works like Google, gone are the days when it preferred quantity over quality. Now Pinterest makes sure the links are relevant to the content you are promising in the pin and will be informative and beneficial for the audience. 

Parting Words

That’s it, do everything that has been mentioned and use Pinterest consistently and you will witness a significant increase in your blog’s traffic in no time. And this will result in an increase in your income as well.

If you are still confused if you should be starting a blog or not, we highly recommend giving it a try. We know you believe blogging is dead and you may not get the traffic but this article suggests how you can increase your traffic.

If you want more guidance than this, regarding blogging or starting your online business, you should consider checking out the course offered by Hustlepost Academy. This course covers everything you need to start making money online, ethically.

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