5 Ways You Can Earn Money Blogging in 2023 – Other Than AdSense

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Everyone knows that they can earn money blogging in 2023 by selling space to advertisers. In simple words, Google AdSense pays you for running advertisements on your blog.

But that’s the only money-making option people are familiar with. It’s time to bust the myth that you need to run ads to earn money blogging.

Here are 5 ways you can earn money from your blog in 2023 with or without running ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, when done by word of mouth, may not be one of the most reliable options. But by adding links through which you can get a percentage as commission, you can make a passive income.

You need to sign up for the right affiliate programs. Programs that offer you a decent commission. And recommend products that you know your audience will consider buying.

For instance, a beauty blogger recommending beauty products will work better.

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Selling Digital Products

Not sure what digital products are? eBooks, online courses, printable stickers, notes, journals, notebooks, infographics, illustrations, and templates. Anything that you can sell online without maintaining an inventory is digital products. People are always looking forward to buying products online. You may think otherwise but digital products are high in demand.

You can sell anything you feel like, on your blog. This is one of the most profitable ways to earn money blogging. Make sure to market it in a manner that people understand how your products add value to their life.

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Sponsored Posts and Products

Brands are always reaching out to bloggers to promote their products and services. They can ask you to write a blog about their products or add a link to their product in your already written blog. Either way, you can ask them to pay you for the links and sponsored posts. You can charge anywhere between INR 2000 and INR 20,000 depending on the traffic your blog has.

Guest Blogging

When you start writing your blogs, people read them. And when they like your writing style, they reach out to you and ask you to write blogs for their websites as well. You write as a guest or a freelancer for their website and get paid. Again, you can charge as low or as high as you want.

Offer Services

Finally, you can offer chat or calling services to your audience and get paid for that. According to the niche you have picked, there must be something you can help your audience with. From offering business advice to being a mentor, you can offer services and help, and get paid for the same.

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Parting Words

For your blog to gain traction that allows you to monetise your blog, you need to start on the right foot. And for that, you need to be familiar with the basics of blogging. This will help you stand out as a blogger, and market your content across social media platforms. Hustlepost Academy offers a blogging course that can help you find your niche. It will also guide you in creating content for your blog. Moreover, the course also covers marketing that will help you monetise your blog.

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