5 Content Writing Tools to Write Effective Content

best content writing tools, 5 Content Writing Tools to Write Effective Content

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If you have been working as a content writer, you would know how difficult it can get to come up with fresh ideas. Don’t even get us started on proofreading and editing your own content. While people who are not really familiar with the role and responsibilities of a content writer think content writing is just about writing paragraphs in a specific language, a content writer would know what all goes behind writing a good piece. Although improvement is constant and you learn as you work, here are a few content writing tools that we believe can help you in writing effective content right from the beginning.


We all are the culprits of writing complex, lengthy sentences. Unknowingly, we end up including all the information that we have in a sentence or two which is understandable for us but a normal reader may find it difficult to grasp in the very first read. Hemingway editor is one of the best content writing tools as it can help you write and edit sentences so that they are easy to read, written in an active voice, and short and crisp.


Keep writing on one niche for a month and you will feel there is no topic left for you to cover. Is that a writer’s block? Well, maybe or maybe not. But it definitely is a position where we hate getting stuck. Similar to google trends but better, Peppertype is an AI tool that can give you a bunch of titles and content ideas on a keyword of your choice.

Yoast SEO

Content writing is not just writing your heart out. A lot of people still believe that a content writer can write almost anything they feel like. While it is somewhat true, people don’t know that there is something called Search Engine Optimisation that needs to be taken care of, at all times. Yoast SEO is your one stop for everything SEO in content writing. The tool is extremely popular among content writers especially in the digital marketing industry for all the right reasons.

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Though it feels bad mentioning this tool here, we firmly believe it is important. Plagiarism in content is worse than grammatical errors, we said what we said. Although as writers you should be wise enough to stay as far from copying and plagiarising as possible, we understand that there are certain situations where we have to copy things, like quoting someone. Moreover, in cases where there is very limited information available regarding a subject, the chances of plagiarism increase.

So, to keep plagiarism in check, copyscape is a content writing tool you need. The tool is even more important for content writers who delegate their work to other content writers as you may have to check if the other person is writing original content or not.

Cliche Finder

We all are guilty of repeating certain words and phrases in our content. Though it is better than writing difficult synonyms that can change the whole meaning of the sentences (yes, we are referring to TheSaurus), removing phrases that don’t even add value to your content won’t hurt anyone. Cliche Finder can find the overused phrases that you can omit or edit as per your liking.

Parting Words

Content writing as a side hustle is an easy income. However, the process of becoming a content writer may be a little confusing for beginners. While these content writing tools can help a content writer improve their writing and content, for an absolute beginner, we recommend starting by learning the basics of content writing as a side hustle. If you are an aspiring writer or wish to grow as a content writing freelancer, there are many content writing courses available online for you.

While choosing the program, make sure you go through the deliverables so that you invest your time and money in a course that will help you right from the start to becoming the best.

Hustlepost Academy offers a program “How to Become a Highly Paid Content Writing Freelancer” which gives you a blueprint of the basic steps of becoming a freelance writer and easily earning six figures or more within a few months of starting.

Your passion can be your


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