6 Amazing Virtual Assistants to Follow on Social Media to Learn From Them

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Working as a virtual assistant is a new career that hasn’t been explored by Indians. Although most people aren’t really familiar with the role of a virtual assistant and its responsibilities, the earning potential it holds as a side hustle has intrigued a decent population, especially our young audience. but that, we believe, is a topic we will explore next time. for today, let’s focus on finding and following top virtual assistants who have already achieved success in this field.

Here are some really amazing virtual assistants who are ruling the internet with their services and content creation that we believe you should follow.

Rebecca: The Wanderlust VA

Our first recommendation has to be Rebecca, she goes by the name “The Wanderlust VA” on social media. As an experienced virtual assistant herself, she has a lot to offer in terms of knowledge, and skills, required by people who are looking to start and grow their careers as virtual assistants. She has her own courses as well but you can always learn from free and readily available content like on her website, Instagram, and YouTube channel.

Lauren Golden: The Free Mama

Another successful virtual assistant who has turned her side hustle into a full time business, Lauren Golden goes by the name “The Free Mama”. Though her primary focus is helping moms start and run their own businesses, she has some really valuable information regarding virtual assistance as a side hustle to offer. She also has a YouTube channel where she has posted some really good videos that can help you start your own business as a virtual assistant.

Pepper Virtual Assistant

Pepper virtual assistant, unlike the two mentioned above, is a company that offers virtual assistant services. Though it should not qualify to be on the list of “amazing virtual assistants”, the company certainly has amazing information and content that we believe you should check out. They have posted very impressive blogs on their website from where you can learn more about working as a virtual assistant.

Charn: Coaching With Charn

Charn is a virtual assistant coach, doing amazingly well as a mentor. She has been coaching for quite some time now and according to her students, she has helped them a lot in understanding the basics of working as a virtual assistant.

For people who have basic knowledge of the responsibilities of a virtual assistant, she can help you upscale yourself as a VA by enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Victoria Nelle

Another mom, Victoria Nelle, is all set to help you explore the world of virtual assistants without getting lost in the what, how, where, and when of becoming a virtual assistant.

Starting virtual assistance as a side hustle is one thing but working from home as a mom is a whole different struggle, it’s amazing but definitely more hectic. This is why when a mom tells you the benefits of working as a virtual assistant from home, you should listen to her. Victoria’s content is all about freelancing, working as a mom, her experience as a virtual assistant, and how you can learn from her and start working as a virtual assistant full-time.

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Yashika: Dive in Reality

Yashika is growing as a virtual assistant. Though she may not have reached a certain level that people consider ‘destination’, she has successfully crossed some important milestones and is all set to inspire you through her work, dedication, and experience. She acquired the basic knowledge of working as a virtual assistant from Hustlepost Academy’s “The Six Figure VA Formula” and is now working towards earning a consistent six figures income as a virtual assistant.

Want to Earn Money from Home Like These Virtual Assistants?

Working as a virtual assistant even on the side is way easier than you think. If you wish to learn more about the role and responsibilities of a virtual assistant and earn six figures just like these top virtual assistants are doing, consider checking out the virtual assistance course offered by Hustlepost Academy. It will help you start this side hustle and turn it into a full-time business within a few months.

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