Flaws in the Hustle Culture That No One Talks About

flaws in hustle culture, Flaws in the Hustle Culture That No One Talks About

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It must be very shocking coming from “Hustlepost Academy” that the idea of hustle culture is flawed but believe us when we say this, we are not here to promote toxicity in any shape or form. 

And the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mindset is more problematic than one can imagine. If you think this is the hustle culture that will make you successful, you are terribly wrong.

Hustle culture is being promoted every minute but what none of these promoters tells you is that there are certain significant flaws in this culture that can affect your health and lifestyle leading to burnout.

Let’s discuss the flaws in the hustle culture and enlist things that you need to avoid as a hustler.

It Can Be Draining: Avoid Jumping From One Work to Another

The trending hustle culture can be extremely draining. The hustle culture that is being promoted teaches people to work and work and work on different things.

You have a full-time job or college, after that, you decide to work on your hobby, then there is time for working out and sleeping, you gotta eat, shower, and breathe too, and then there is your family as well, in addition to all this, you may have plans to meet your friends or go out with someone on some days as well. 

You or these hustlers don’t realise that the day consists of 24 hours. And unless you have an ideal routine that you strictly follow, it can be very draining for you to do everything perfectly every day.

However, it does not mean that you cannot or should not have a side hustle. 

You simply need to avoid jumping from one work to another as that can affect your mental and physical health. To have a routine that allows you to follow the hustle culture without getting into the toxicity of it, you need to have a simple, clean routine that allows you to work and rest according to your body and lifestyle. 

You need to design a routine that helps you easily work on different things without affecting your sleep schedule and personal time and space.

Promotes Toxic Productivity: Avoid Working All the Time

Productivity is not a new concept, you can find everyone telling you how and why you need to be productive in order to be successful. 

Although being productive is good, working all the time is not the true definition of being productive. People have a hard time accepting this fact because they have been told that productivity means working. 

Hustle culture promotes that kind of idea of productivity as well.

However, in actuality, productivity is not about working all the time but working and healthily completing tasks so that you achieve your goals without exhausting yourself.

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Disses Resting: Avoid Regretting Taking a Break

Hustle culture disses the idea of taking rest. Taking breaks, having a weekend off, and sleeping for long periods are some activities that the toxic hustle culture doesn’t allow. 

According to the toxic hustle culture, you should not be wasting your time resting or doing activities that do not directly get your work done.

That is problematic and wrong because taking rest, breaks, and allowing yourself to sleep on some days indirectly helps you be more productive and it is needed more than one can imagine.

Because of the toxic hustle culture, people start regretting their decision of taking a break and feel guilty for not being productive all the time. 

This guilt and regret lead to even more stress and burnout. One should not feel guilty for listening to their body and mental health.

Increases Stress: Avoid Stressing Over Things That Are Out of Your Control

The hustle culture promotes stress. You are supposed to work hard all the time in order to stay updated and stand out from the competition in your field. 

Even though it is next to impossible to keep working all the time, the hustle culture forces you to work consistently and more than your body allow so that you get successful in comparatively less time.

Instead of giving you the desired success in less duration what this hustle culture ends up giving you is more stress than required and further delays your success for you. 

You end up stressing about things that are completely out of your control and only time can heal you.

The only way out is to let things be. You work consistently towards your goals and let the time handle everything else for you. 

No amount of stress is going to speed up the process for you. Neither is it going to get you any better results. All it is going to do is make you feel more exhausted and force you into quitting.

Reduces Quality of the Work: Avoid Working When You’re Exhausted

Contrary to what people believe, the hustle culture is not going to make your work better. Instead, it is going to reduce the quality of your work. 

Because you are exhausted, you will pay less attention to your work, and your mind will be exhausted to be creative and get better ideas, hence the quality of your work will be affected as well. 

This is something no one talks about, if you are working continuously without giving your body and mind a break from the said work you are obviously going to feel stuck. 

Even if you are sleeping for 8 hours, this hustle routine is still going to affect your mind and body. That’s probably because it gets tedious after a point of time and that can reduce your interest leading you to dislike the routine and doing it half-heartedly.

The only way to avoid this is by avoiding working when you are exhausted and don’t feel like it. 

Include activities you would rather feel like doing instead of your usual routine whenever you feel like it, and normalise the idea of completely avoiding work for a short period and taking as much rest as you feel.

Is Hustling Good? Should I Step Into the Hustle Culture?

After going through all the flaws in the hustle culture it may seem a little surprising if we suggest hustling. But we are going to do that. 

Because we believe it is not hustling but the toxic hustle culture that is wrong. Hustling, if done right, can prove to be extremely beneficial for your body, health, mind, present, and future.

You will be working on your goals effectively, you will be turning your hobbies into your career, you will be learning and living simultaneously, and most importantly, you will be nicer and more loving towards yourself. 

This is what the hustle culture we promote gives you.

So, to answer if hustling is good, we would say yes. 

Yes, hustling is good and yes you should definitely step into the hustle culture but not the toxic one. Create a hustle culture for yourself. One that suits your lifestyle, routine, and preferences and aligns with your dreams and goals.

Parting Words

The idea of having multiple sources of income is fascinating and given the circumstances and current market, it is important to have multiple sources of income as well. 

However, the pressure to earn more and save more should not push you towards completely exhausting yourself in the name of productivity.

This is exactly what we preach and promote in our Hustlepost Academy. And we teach you how to follow our idea of hustle culture and get financial freedom without avoiding yourself or your idea of fun. Our “Side Hustle Formula” program is all you need to start and grow your side hustle.

Your passion can be your


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