What Is Your Life’s True Calling? How To Find Your Passion?

how to find your passion, finding life's true calling

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We have been told over and over again to follow our passion. Make a career out of something you are passionate about and you will be successful in no time. But nobody tells us how to find what we are passionate about. You are not the only one struggling to find an answer to your question “how to find your passion”, we all have been in the same boat.

We know there are so many people who struggle at the very first step of finding their passion because they just don’t know what their skills are or what they do to feel better that can be monetised as well. And ironically, every online course or side hustle idea starts with “find your passion”.

But no more stress and struggles. We are here to help you find your passion, and your true calling.

What Is Your Calling in Life?

Okay, before finding your passion, let’s clarify one thing. While many people have their “calling” it is not necessary that everyone out there has one thing they can call their “passion”. 

You don’t necessarily have to have just one thing that you will be passionate about. If you think there is something you are passionate about and should be pursuing, great, go ahead and make a career out of it, if that is your goal, but even after being passionate about something if you feel exhausted while working on and it does not give you happiness, understand that your passion may not be the right career calling for you and that is fine.

Your calling for life will be something that gives you happiness when you do it. You will lose track of your mind and you will internally enjoy the process of building your passion into a career.

Don't Find Your Passion, Create it

This is the gist of everything you need to know about finding your passion.

If you feel like you don’t have any skill, talent, or hobby, and most importantly, if you feel like there is nothing you are truly passionate about, chances are that really don’t have anything that you are passionate about. Not to be rude or demotivate anyone, but you may not even have any special skill or talent that you can monetise.

Sure, people will tell you that everyone has something special and you are just not able to find it. But if you don’t feel like you have something that you can call your talent then probably it’s time to create one.

Suggesting “find your passion” is easy but it is not an answer. People who know their passion don’t need to find and those who are trying to find one don’t know how to do it, instead of frustrating over this misleading advice, take this new advice from us. Because not only are we giving you a piece of advice, we are going to help you implement it too.

Our advice to you is, “create your passion”. Now, how can you create your passion? Keep reading:

Try Things Out Until You Find Something Worth Sticking to

Doing something for one day isn’t going to make you passionate about it. And clearly what you have been doing in the past didn’t fit in your little yet deep passion box. So, it’s time to get out of that box and try new things.

You know what’s trending in the market through which people are earning money, right? What’s stopping you from trying that out? If you think you don’t have the skill set required to work on something then what’s stopping you from acquiring the required skillset?

Put on your reading glasses and headphones, grab a notebook and pen and start taking online courses on skills that can make you money. Watch as many videos as you can on YouTube related to that skill, see how people are able to make money out of it, and take notes so that you too can follow in their footsteps.

Not sure which skill to learn? Here’s a list, choose from it:

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing
  •  Video Shooting and Editing
  • Photography
  • Creating Digital Products
  • Painting
  • Drawing and Sketching

Learn all of them if no one skill intrigues you the most. And do not give up in the starting. Even if you find it boring or difficult, stick to it. For at least 3 months keep learning and trying things out in any and every skill you picked.

Don’t Give Up Unless You Feel Exhausted

If you are procrastinating or feeling bored, it’s no reason to give up. Understand, that we procrastinate something only because we find it difficult not because it is not right for us. And honestly, even if you are passionate about something, you still can find something difficult and feel like procrastinating so that’s no reason to give up.

Unless you feel drained out and exhausted, keep doing what you are doing over and over again until it gets easier for you and you develop a passion for it.

Always remember that when you keep doing something it becomes easy for you, and once you start earning through it, you consider it an easy income source. It may or may not be your passion but you have created it in the process and unless it is toxic for you, it is good. Create these pseudo passions for yourself.

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If It Gives You Happiness AND Money, It’s Your Passion

You acquired a skill, you decided to work on it and gain practical exposure in the field, you started working and it made you money. You were once earning low and working hard but now you are easily making more money. You don’t feel like giving up because you are happy with the outcome, you like the money you are earning and you are certain that you can make even more. You consider expanding your work even further and you have set some goals that you need to achieve within a certain amount of time. You also think about learning further and enhancing your knowledge and skillset within the field or a closely related field because you believe that can help you increase your income. And most importantly, you are determined and happy in the process. There, you have “created” your passion.

This is not a 1 day or 1 week process. It is going to take months or even years to reach this point but in the whole time span, you will not feel toxic.

Sure, there will be days when you will feel low and everything will seem pointless, there will be days when you will feel like giving up, and you will procrastinate and feel distracted or disconnected as well, but all of that is okay. None of this is toxic.

It can be labelled as toxic if you work for more than 16 hours a day and fail to maintain a work life balance, when you are not able to sleep because of the stress, and when the stress starts affecting your health.

Parting Words

Your life’s true calling is to work on and build something that you can eventually call your passion. If you are still struggling to find your passion or have decided to learn everything, you should consider checking our course out.

In our Side Hustle Formula course we cover everything from finding your purpose to acquiring skills that can help you choose a career from at least 12 different options, and then building it into a business.

The course is perfect for people who wish to work online and earn a six figure income without signing up with a particular company. 

We help you become your own boss by providing you with the blueprint of the journey that starts from learning and ends at launching the rocket of your business for which the sky shall be the limit.

Your passion can be your


Our courses will help you get to your dream income in the next 60 days, by doing what you truly love!

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