The Ultimate Guide On How To Find Sponsors For Your Podcast

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After YouTubing, podcasting has become a hobby that can build you a personal brand. It not only allows you to attract an audience but even allows you to earn money through it. Podcasting is somewhat like YouTubing except that there is no video involved. Which suggests it is a better alternative for people who are camera conscious. But a lot of people believe that podcasting is for fun only. Unlike YouTube, you can’t get paid through podcasting. This isn’t true. You can make money from your podcast like people make money from YouTube. The podcast platforms pay you a certain amount for a specific number of listens or downloads. Moreover, you can get podcast sponsors to sponsor your podcast and pay you for the ads you place in your episodes.

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Finding a sponsor works better for small-level podcasters than waiting for brands. As they may not have a huge number of listeners, brands reaching out to them becomes a little difficult. But how to get these sponsors to sponsor your podcast? Let’s find out.

Cold Pitch

The easiest and most effective method has to be cold pitching. According to your niche, research who can be your potential sponsors. Reach out to them for sponsorships.

You can search online. Go through the brands other podcasters are advertising within your niche. Make a list of the potential sponsors for your podcast who you would want to work with. Once you have a list of the sponsors you can find their contact details and reach out to them via social media or email. Pitch them your podcast and ask if they have any interest in running their ads on your podcast.

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Affiliate Marketing

Like affiliate marketing works in blogs, it works in podcasts as well. You will have to find sponsors who indulge in affiliate marketing over podcasts. Ask them how they prefer taking things ahead. You can apply as an affiliate marketer for brands and pitch their products in your podcast. For every sale you make you will earn a certain amount.

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds. It is not that effective either. So refrain from completely depending on it.

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Join Podcast Networking Groups

There are podcast networks that help new podcasters in getting sponsorships. You can join these websites and networking groups that can help you in one way or another. Sponsors go through these networking groups and pick podcasters that suit their brand.

These networking groups can help you find sponsors and connect with fellow podcasters. You people can help each other out with shoutouts and “download for download” type of deals.

Attract Sponsors

Finally, the most organic, but time-consuming way to get sponsors for the program. This is a way in which you don’t focus on getting sponsors but work on creating content that attracts sponsors.

You may think that as a podcaster who is just starting you may not be able to attract sponsors. But that is not true. If your content is good and you are consistent you will get sponsors even with a small audience.

Sponsors realise that well-established podcasters may not have an organic, active audience. Whereas new podcasters can benefit the brand with their small yet active audience. Sponsors look for hardworking, consistent podcasters who will get them a good response.

Parting Words

Podcasting, like YouTubing, will take time to finally generate a decent income for you. But it does not mean you shouldn’t consider starting a podcast. It can be a great side hustle for you if you are passionate about speaking your heart out. To start on the right foot, we recommend that you take a course. A course can give you the blueprint of a path that will get you guaranteed results. If you wish to start your own podcast that makes money, Hustlepost academy has a podcasting course for you. The course will help you start a quality, monetisable podcast.

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