Busting 3 Common Virtual Assistant Myths in Just 3 Minutes

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When it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, there are some common myths that hinder the process. There is no doubt that the population is opening up to the idea of hiring virtual assistants. But there is still a large population that is not sure about the role of a virtual assistant. These 3 myths are common among them.

Not just that, people even diss the idea of working as a virtual assistant because of these three myths. It’s time to debunk them. Let’s go!

People Don’t Need Virtual Assistants

Right at the beginning of the discussion is the myth that people don’t need virtual assistants. Many believe that business leaders don’t need virtual assistants. And with this, potential virtual assistants believe their services may not be in demand. Well, trust us, your mind is just playing games with you in trying to make you believe this myth.

People do need virtual assistants. Everyone who steps into the business industry requires a virtual assistant.

People may think they can handle everything all by themselves, but that is exhausting. And eventually, they hit a dead-end because of the “I-can-handle-everything” mentality. You may not fail, and you may be able to do everything all by yourself. But one, it’ll take more time than it should, and two, your struggles will multiply.

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Virtual Assistants Just Do Administrative Work

Sure they have “assistant” in their designation. But that doesn’t mean they have limited responsibilities. A virtual assistant can help their client in innumerable ways. They can offer a lot more than the basic management services they provide.

So, if you think you can manage the administrative work that’s why you don’t need a virtual assistant, think again. A virtual assistant can help you with calendar and email management. They can write, design, and manage social media for you as well. You name it and they can do it for you.

If you believe that working as a virtual assistant will restrict you. This is actually an opportunity that can help you explore different fields.

Virtual Assistants Know Everything

This is an expectation that no one can fulfil. Employers think hiring a virtual assistant will make their lives easy from day 1. Virtual assistants avoid this career because they are not equipped for the role.

Yes, virtual assistants can have specialisation. They learn basic skills through virtual assistance courses available online. But they can never be equipped with everything one wants. You will have to give them the time and resources to get familiar with the organisation and services.

And as a virtual assistant, you will have to be open to learning skills that can benefit you and your client.

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Parting Words

That’s it, 3 myths have been bunked in 3 minutes. It’s time for you to unlearn these myths. Let go of the misconceptions you have about the role of a virtual assistant. If you wish to work as a virtual assistant, start by learning about the basics of virtual assistance
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