From Struggling to Be Financially Independent to Making 1 Lac as a Digital Marketer

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From struggling to be financially independent to making 1 lac a month as a digital marketer, Jyoti’s story is nothing short of inspiration. We hope her success story will encourage every mother out there to start a business or side hustle online.
Digital Marketer

Life Before Joining HPA

It isn’t like Jyoti had never worked. She was working well and was financially independent when she was in India but moving to a completely different country where you don’t even know the language and have a house to manage along with a family, finding work takes a backseat. There are so many newly formed hurdles that you don’t know how to deal with, and barriers that you can’t cross. This is exactly what Jyoti was going through before she joined Hustlepost Academy.

She had a YouTube channel and she wanted to start working again but there were a lot of things that were against her plans at that time. We are glad HPA came in as a rescue for her.

The Learning Experience With HPA

Jyoti, before joining Hustlepost Academy, was trying to pursue courses on digital marketing but she wasn’t able to understand the technicalities of the industry. After she joined the academy everything just started working out in her favour. In HPA, not only was she able to learn from the course but even connected with some amazing people in the community who inspired and supported her in her journey.

She mentions how on her first call she had cried in front of Saloni describing her dilemma and after around 4 months she started working. From beta clients to getting paid projects, it worked out really well, really quick for her. And here she is today, about to start her own agency as a digital marketer.

Working as a Digital Marketer

Jyoti has been working all by herself as a digital marketer. She doesn’t have a team for now but that is something she intends to get in the future. As a digital marketer, she is providing a myriad of services to an array of clients from around the world. From content creation to running successful campaigns and ads online, Jyoti is doing everything on her own and there is no doubt that she is doing everything amazingly well.

Current Revenue and Future Goals

On average, Jyoti is able to make around INR 1,00,000 every month. Some months it is more, some months it is less but she is crossing the threshold, it’s a huge deal. From struggling to be financially independent and settling in a new country to not only building a business all by herself but even learning a new language, doing household chores, and taking care of a child, she is doing a lot. The revenue she is generating despite all the work is absolutely phenomenal.

Her future goals are to start a digital marketing agency and start delegating work. And along with that, as an independent lady, she thrives to inspire other women to work and start their own businesses as well.

Parting Words

“It’s not just about earning money but the satisfaction you get after doing something of your own and being confident” added Jyoti. And this is exactly what we want people to understand and acknowledge. Money is secondary, the happiness and confidence you get when you are able to start something of your own, from scratch is something else. Nothing can take that away from you.

And that happiness, and satisfaction is more important than one thinks.

For that, you should start working on your skills and there is no way better than following the footsteps of Jyoti. Start with signing up for the Side Hustle Formula course that she took from Hustlepost Academy and we will take care of everything else.

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