4 Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Hiring Virtual Assistants

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The role of virtual assistants has finally gained the attention it deserved. From people acknowledging the role and aspiring to start virtual assisting as a side hustle, to companies, both big and small, realising how important and beneficial the role of a virtual assistant is for their business, virtual assisting as a job has acquired decent recognition.

It started with small-scale businesses and startups hiring virtual assistants, and now even large-scale companies that are successful in their industries are hiring them. Here are 4 reasons why virtual assistants are being sought after even by big successful companies.

Virtual Assistants Do More Than Just Assisting

Unlike executive assistants, they are not ordinary assistants who would just help the companies with their schedule and meetings, they can actually offer a lot more than that. A virtual assistant can help an organisation improve their business, relationships with customers, their business’s online image and presence, and everything in between.

Virtual assistants are equipped with skills that allow them to work on different projects even if they don’t have prior experience.

Depending on the requirements a company can hire a virtual assistant who would not only manage daily work schedule and time for them but write content for the company website, create graphics, research, write emails, talk to the clients and team on the manager’s behalf, and help the company improve their products and services as well.

Hiring VAs

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Is Cost-Effective

Hiring a virtual assistant is cost-effective. The company will be paying only for the time a virtual assistant works for that particular company (yes, virtual assistants can have more than one client). Moreover, with a wide range of responsibilities, they will be making the life and work of the managers and staff much easier. Working with a virtual assistant offers one a lot of benefits and considering that, the price one pays is very reasonable.

Furthermore, with a virtual assistant working remotely, the company saves significantly on office resources as well.

Delegating Work Enhances Productivity

For managers in a large-scale company, the work is already very hectic and time-consuming. Hiring a virtual assistant for them can save them a lot of time which can let them focus on work that is more important to them. With more time and less stress on important and menial tasks, senior employees can work more efficiently and their productivity enhances considerably as well.

Delegating tasks is important for everyone because otherwise producing high-quality work within the deadlines becomes impossible. This is what large-scale companies are finally realising and allowing managers to hire an assistant for themselves. Even CEOs are hiring virtual assistants for themselves for similar reasons.

Hiring VA

Virtual Assistants Can Improve Services and Social Media Presence

As already mentioned, a virtual assistant can help the company with much more than just time management. They can handle social media accounts, build relationships with existing as well as potential clients, communicate with them on the manager’s or business’s behalf, create and post content for the company on social media platforms, and help them grow online.

Large-scale companies also need active social media and someone to manage their relationships with customers. They consider hiring virtual assistants for that purpose as well because virtual assistants are usually much familiar with the online world.

Yes, they can hire social media managers and marketers for that work but again, hiring a virtual assistant is cost-effective as one person will be doing the work of two.

Parting Words

Virtual assistants work extremely hard and their work speaks for themselves that’s why they are highly sought after, especially after the pandemic. The success of virtual assistance in small businesses and solopreneurship has probably moved large-scale companies to hire virtual assistants, and it is a good step for both companies as well as virtual assistant aspirants.

If you wish to become a virtual assistant, now is the time to learn and augment your skills and step into the industry. The course offered by Hustlepost Academy on Introduction to Virtual Assisting can help you immensely in starting your journey as a virtual assistant and growing in the field in no time.

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