6 Awesome Email Marketing Tools That Can Help You Write Effective Email

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Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies that is being widely used by businesses of all types and sizes. If you are here, we believe you are already familiar with the benefits of email marketing so we will not waste your time explaining the basics of it and dive directly into the email marketing tools that you need to run successful, efficient, and cost-effective email marketing campaigns.

(Most of these tools are FREE, so stick to the end of this blog and consider bookmarking it as well🤫)

SendInBlue: One Stop Tool For All Things Email Marketing

Their tagline states “more than just email marketing” and trust us, this is all you need to begin your journey as an email marketer. With their beautiful and attractive email templates, and the freedom to customise everything, you get to draft emails that your audience will definitely like.

Even though email marketing is one of the simplest forms of marketing and advertising, it does not have to be boring. SendInBlue is an email marketing tool that allows you to draft an engaging email which will let you keep existing customers and attract new ones. And that is exactly what you aim for, through email marketing, right?

MailGenuis: Stops You From Ending Up in the Spam Folder

Designing a good, attractive and engaging email is not everything. Check your spam section and you will see how many amazingly designed emails ended up there. That’s where our next email marketing tool suggestion, MailGenuis helps you. There are several words and phrases that we don’t realise are the reason why emails end in the spam section. MailGenuis helps you find these triggers and saves you from hitting the spam folder.

Do we really need to explain why that is important? We believe you get it.

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SalesHandy: Land Into the Primary Inbox of Your Readers

Okay, saving your email from hitting the spam section is not all that you should be concerned about. There are subsections like, well, promotions, which you need to avoid as well. Even if you are promoting something through your email, you need to hit the inbox section to immediately grab your receiver’s attention. And for that, SalesHandy comes handy(pun intended).

SalesHandy is a cold email outreach platform that lets you customise your emails and get more replies. It is very useful for new and small businesses.

GetResponse: Email Analytics Made Easy

Psychology plays a significant role in marketing, doesn’t it? And then there is something called an algorithm. Did you know that there is a specific time when your emails get the most replies? Of course you do. Well, to know what time works best for you, we believe you should try the GetResponse email marketing tool instead of relying on the hit and trial method alone.

GetResponse has some unique features and tools that let you analyse statistics, generate quality leads, and improve your revenue.

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Substack: Get Paid to Send Newsletters

Why write for free when you can get paid for writing newsletters? Similar to medium, Substack allows you to earn through your readers. So now, you can build an audience, write newsletters, promote your existing businesses, generate leads, and earn at almost every step. What more do you need?

If you are an aspiring writer, blogger, or content creator, Substack is a really amazing platform for you. Sounds a little promotional, trust us it is NOT.

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Twitter Newsletters: Easiest Email Marketing Tool For Beginners

Email marketing couldn’t get any easier. Twitter recently added this newsletter feature to their app and it has completely changed the platform for writers, marketers, and businesses. It is easy, effective, and profitable at so many levels.

You can reach out to a bigger, better audience, analyse how your newsletters are working, improve customer relationships, and earn through it as well. Twitter Newsletters may not be one of the traditional email marketing tools but it definitely deserved a mention in this list.

Parting Words

Email marketing is easy and efficient on its own but with the right tools, you can make it even more effective. While it is important to start sending emails even when you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or a content creator. What’s more important is to do your research before stepping into it. So, mentioned above is the list of tools that you will need, go ahead, check them out, and conquer the email marketing world.

However, if you are new to email marketing and wish to learn more about it so that you can work as a successful email marketing professional, check out this email marketing course offered by Hustlepost Academy. This is all you need to become a highly paid email marketing expert.

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